Xbox One Cloud: Responsive Actions Are Still Going To Be Calculated Offline, Latency Could Limit It

Cloth simulation will still be calculated locally, says Cloakworks’ Joe van den Heuvel.

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xbox one cloud

The Xbox One cloud has been subject to much controversy with Microsoft hyping it up in the past and simply not talking about it at their press conference during last week’s E3. Microsoft have promised that using the cloud they can offload intense operations and free up the CPU to work on other processes.

GamingBolt recently got in touch with Joe van den Heuvel from Cloakworks. The company specializes in easy creation of high-performance cloth simulation and their technology has been used in games like the recently released Thief. The technology is based on CPU, so will the Xbox One cloud help improve their cloth simulation technology in the long run?

“Certainly!  The limiting factor with cloud computing for gaming has always been latency; with too much lag between the user’s actions and the results on screen, the result is a frustrating experience for the user.  So for situations where there is no or limited user interaction during the physics simulation offloading the processing to the cloud and cranking the quality is a viable option,” Joe  explained to GamingBolt.

“But in platforms like the Xbox One where part of the processing is local and part is in the cloud, the most responsive actions will be the ones calculated locally.  So the motions of the player’s character, and how the cloth reacts to them, will likely remain something that is calculated locally for a while,” he continued.

It’s indeed true that the average internet speeds are still below than what is required by cloud for enjoyable user experience, so Joe makes a pretty valid point.

What are your thoughts on the same? Let us know in the comments section below. Stay tuned for more coverage on Cloakworks.

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  • Jewy McJew

    Asking programmers to make different systems to accommodate unknown latency is a lot of work. It might be possible from a technical perspective but probably not from a business point of view.

    • That’s probably why this will be used by mostly first and second party exclusives.

    • GHz

      3rd party will jump on it too. TitanFall was a test bed and a successful one at that.

    • I really hope so. This is the new age of power they should all be on board.

    • GHz

      They are. The ambitious ones at least.

    • Some missed opportunities also. I’m hoping to see more in the upcoming releases.

    • GHz

      Next Gen hasn’t really started yet as far as game development goes. Still a lot of old engines running games. Cloud compute for games as described by the above article is fairly new, and access to it is severely limited. New software is needed to unlock features in hardware to exploit fully cloud compute for games. mid 2015 Next Gen really starts.

    • Oh yeah I’m looking forward to crackdown and Halo. I know they’ll make good use of the cloud.

    • GHz

      if that crackdown clip was anything to go by, I’d say yup!

    • That got me truly excited. I’m pretty sure the game will be close to that demo.

    • GHz

      i’m 100% certain that was all xbox one and represents exactly what you’ll be playing on a technical standpoint. .

    • I have not been disappointed yet. It’s only getting started I know we’ll have much to look forward to. Have a great time gaming bro!

    • GHz

      Youre right! I love where this is going and cant wait for it to fully materialize. We’re lucky that we have great games across all platforms & Im not the least bit disappointed. Awesome time to be a gamer 🙂 Enjoy your gaming too 😀

    • Guest

      Awesome time to be a delusional misterxmedia crank.

    • GHz

      HaHaHahahahaha 😀

      Wow! You dont like the idea that pple are enjoying there consoles Derp? We play games on PS4 XB1 PC & Wii and why you don’t like that Derp? You just want us to play on PS4 ONLY? Why? LOL 😀

      LMAO! 😀
      You’re bloated with worms, and your mouth is full of feces. If you live to serve a purpose, its to set an example of who we DONT ever want to become. Youre great at it and for that we all thank you 😉

    • Guest

      More nonsensical misterxturd lunacy.

      You would get laughed at and shot down on any tech aware forum like beyond3d, misterxmedia even got banned from semiaccurate.

      You’re like the flat earth, anti-vaccine, perpetual motion, fake moon landing crowd of console fanboys. Totally ignorant, delusional, and wrong cranks. No different than a crank who thinks free energy devices really work, Einstein was wrong, and reptiles are controlling the world’s governments.

    • GHz

      on que, the forums lowest lifeform arrives. 😀

      Answer me this you low garbage eating putrid little worm. How many of the 3rd party games out RIGHT NOW use new game engines? Do you know what a game engine is? Assasin Creed, Tomb Raider, Thief, COD, BF4, WatchDogs, Trial fusion,MGS5 etc. None uses a next gen game engine. All ran on old engines that are 2yrs and older. None incorporates more efficient ways to render. Prove me wrong Derp. All those games ran on engine that supports old philosophies in rendering. Thankfully, because tech advancements, thats all going to change with unreal engine 4, cryengine, snowdrop.

      Please arrange a brain operation. Its long overdue and get yours removed because it worthless. 😀

    • John Nemesh

      dont you have something better to do with your day than troll? Go find a hobby, preferably one that doesn’t involve interacting with humans.

    • GHz

      I was having a great convo with a fellow gamer about XB1 in an XB thread for an XB article. Then derp appeared with his sony religion babble. Now here you come in defense of him, calling me a troll. Are you kidding me. O_o

      Im so happy that you guys always prove to the gaming community how insanely stupid you fanatics are. But you know what they say. Find something you’re good at and master it. Well i gotta say, ya’ll doing GREAT! 😀

    • Rai

      Wow. What a d¡ck reply man. They were just having a general discussion. They weren’t all “Praise the almighty cloud!!” or anything.
      Take your misterxmedia obsession elsewhere.

  • Illusive Man

    Someone on Reddit calculated that a 384k connection would be sufficient for cloud tasks.

    • kftgr

      That’s only for bandwidth. Latency is another matter.

    • GHz

      For Latency Insensitive Computations. Either way its a big deal because that speed shows that they’ve solved a lot of problems for better cloud compute for games.

  • GHz

    “It’s indeed true that the average internet speeds are still below than what is required by cloud for enjoyable user experience” <——who said that? You or cloakworks?

    What is the average internet speed these days for US residence? I know its faster than 2mb download. We know US is slow to upgrade to faster speeds compared to Asia, Europe. In fact most Modern countries todays have faster internet speeds than the US. Data capping is the only thing that I see that would throw a monkey wrench in cloud compute for games.

    The claim is that a 2mb connection can get this tech working, and thats according ONlive because they've done it.

    "" OnLive says it can deliver these applications to virtually any smartphone, tablet or laptop on any operating system over fairly slow connections, as low as 2Mbps." – Onlive Technologies.


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