“Xbox One” Console Name to Not Appear on Console?

Could the Xbox One be the first major console in history to not have its name on the box?

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Well, if the marks against the Xbox One just don’t keep adding up. In addition to not allowing indie developers to self-publish games, fees for playing used games, online authentication at least once every 24 hours, and a Kinect 2.0 that must always be on – not to mention the fact that you can’t play the console without it – there’s this.

A savvy NeoGAF user BrokenEchelon recently pointed out that the Xbox One must be the first major console in the history of gaming to not feature its name on the console itself.

Indeed, on viewing pictures, we could only see the word “Xbox”. The user then proceeded to post pictures of every major console in gaming’s past, and sure enough, each of them had their full name on the console, abbreviated or otherwise.

But not the Xbox One.

Could it be that Microsoft will drop the “One” in the title sometime later? Does it even make sense to call it that anymore? How hard was it have an Infinity logo anyway? We’l see what direction Microsoft goes in with this, but suffice to say, it’s been a horrifyingly underwhelming ride thus far.

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  • Vanillacide

    Perhaps the reason is that the console was simply called XBOX until very recently, when due to too many leaks that this was the real name they decided on a last minute name change … brainstormed and came up with XBOX ONE.

  • John Joe Silver

    didn’t they say that the 24 hour online log in was only a potential scenario that could exist in the future, the indie game requiring a publisher already exists on the current 360 if i’m not mistaken so not sure why it’s such an issue now, they’ve released reports saying the kinect can be switched off and they’ve clarified that the fee for used games is to be paid by the retailer not the customer

    • jdp12

      1) No, Phil Harrison confirmed it.
      2) Indies could self-publish on X360, but it took awhile to get through M$’s QA
      3) I bet there are some games/apps that REQUIRE it, why else would it come with every X1 and why else would it need to be plugged in at all times?
      4) Retailers will simply raise the cost a few $/£, and now you can’t share/borrow games from friends (not much of an issue for me, but for a lot of people it can be)

    • John Joe Silver

      1) harrison said it first then microsoft came out after the interview got published and said it’s only one potential future scenario…2)i’m not sure on it myself but different places say different things so i could be misreading…3)of course there will be some games that require it kinect sports comes immediately to mind but you’re not forced into buying those games..4) and yeah retailers will up the prices no doubt (based on gamestop in ireland not much will change really) but pop your profile on a USB and bring the disc along with you and you can play in your friends house (which M$ have said is a possibility) hardly a monumental task… sharing though you never know maybe they’ll allow a trial period M$ haven’t fully explained the issue yet

    • jdp12

      No, I meant core games using the kinect 2.0, I bet some will require it for voice commands or w/e.

    • John Joe Silver

      they’ll probably integrate it like they did this gen with mass effect 3, dead space 2?, and whatever others that let u scream at the tv to reload.. they integrated it but couldnt force you to use it

    • jdp12

      yes because kinect was optional with the 360, this time it is mandatory, don’t be surprised if you see games that require kinect


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