Xbox One Controllers to Support Button Remapping “Soon”

The feature won’t be exclusive to the upcoming Elite controller.

Posted By | On 05th, Oct. 2015 Under News

Xbox One Elite

Xbox One users won’t have to buy the upcoming Elite controller for remapping the buttons on their controller.

According to Microsoft director of program management Mike Ybarra on Twitter, “It’s coming for all controllers soon.” Of course there’s no set release date but we expect it to be after the launch of the Elite controller, perhaps when the New Xbox One Experience rolls around.

The Xbox One Elite controller will be releasing on October 27th for $150 and is meant as a highly premium option for serious gamers. Along with button remapping, it features a customizable D-pad and analog sticks, extra sensitive triggers and much more.

Currently button remapping is supported on the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 controller so it seems reasonable to assume that Microsoft will be adding the same to all of its controllers soon enough. Stay tuned for more information in the meantime and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • XbotMK1

    Yup, I called it back in the Spring. Microsoft literally just follows Sony around like a little brother. lol

    • sgt_hammertime

      That makes little sense but ok. Microsoft released a dedicated controller that comes with this functionally out of the box, then they will move this feature to the larger democratic.
      Also, whet about all the other things that Sony followed Microsoft with, those suddenly doesn’t count?

    • GamerJudge

      His a PS Drone Corporate Slave Hypocrite Fanboy so don’t expect much sense from him.

    • XbotMK1

      So says the Microsoft drone corporate slave hypocrite.

      Microsoft coppies the PS4 AGAIN. How do you feel GamerJudge? LOL

    • GamerJudge

      Now you are copying me? LOL Immitation the best for of flattery and hypocrisy.

      Sorry to burst your bubble of damage control but don’t compare me with you because you are a PS Drone Corporate Slave Hypocrite Fanboy and that’s a fact.

      Microsoft copies the PS4 again? So what if they have? That doesn’t bother me at all, unlike you who gets all b*tthurt, emotional and damage controls like a girl. Sony has copied Microsoft and not just them. Fact is every company copies something from another company saying otherwise, like you do constantly (“What has Sony coppied from the Xbox One”) just makes you delusional and a (Y company) Drone Corporate Slave Hypocrite Fanboy. 🙂

    • XbotMK1

      It makes perfect sense. It’s funny watching Microsoft loyalists constantly in denial.

      The PS4 had button remapping last Spring. Now Microsoft adds it. This has been the common trend all generation. Most updates Microsoft releases are just adding things the PS4 does. Are you telling me that Sony added button remapping in the Spring and then Microsoft adds it 9 months later, is only a coincidence? And nobody was begging Microsoft for button remapping until the PS4 got it months ago.

      The Xbox One Elite controller was announced months after the PS4 had button remapping and it looks like Microsoft may have tried the limit button remapping to the Elite controller to get you to shell out $150 for it.

      What has Sony coppied from the Xbox One? I don’t see anything. Even Xbox fanboys like to say Sony doesn’t release updates so this means the PS4 has largely remained the same so how has Sony coppied Xbox One? Sony hasn’t been copying Xbox One. All of the PS4 updates Sony releases focuses on “new” features not found on Xbox One.

      All I’m do is showing how dumb the Microsoft drones are.

    • sgt_hammertime

      lets see how to explain this:
      – Xbox button remapping
      * button map profiles
      * switch profiles on the fly
      * set profiles for specific games or all games (user preference)
      – PS4 button remapping
      * button remap
      so lets clear this up, the xbox isn’t copying, the xbox is leading in functionality and features.

      lets see, xbox did suspend/resume, xbox preview beta, 12 person party chat, party chat text, Backwards compatibility on console, DLNA, MKV playback, Wireless Display, external Storage, PNG screenshot, disable notification during video, hide games on apps on console, find my controller are some of the features Xbox did first or and some sony hasn’t even done yet.
      stop spreading lies and FUD because clearly you are the dumb one here.

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