Xbox One Elite Bundle Delayed in Japan, New Xbox Experience and Backwards Compatibility Launching in Japan By Year End

Bummer, for all 300 Japanese Xbox One fans.

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The Xbox One Elite Bundle has been delayed by just a teensy bit in Japan, Microsoft announced today- it was originally due to launch there on November 6. It has now seen a nearly two week delay to November 19 instead.

No reason was given for the delay, although we can imagine that, with Xbox One sales being as dismal as they are in Japan, it’s a low priority territory for Microsoft, and they are probably just allocating stock on a priority basis. Microsoft also announced that the New Xbox Experience powered by Windows 10, as well as Xbox 360 backwards compatibility for the Xbox One, will be launching on the Xbox One by year end.

This, too, is a bit of a delay from the November release date we have for the rest of the world, though of course, the Japanese window is vague enough that NXE could be launching there at the same time as everywhere else too.

Thanks, DualShockers.

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  • XbotMK1

    Please, please, please, please buy the Xbox One. We added backwards compatibility for you, the gamers. We promise.

    • BAD ADSc

      You need to get a life mate.
      People will buy whatever appeals to them. Xbox appealed to me because they had a good service last gen and they replaced the consoles I sent back.
      There network is top notch as well.
      And windows 10 making the ui so much quicker and Xbox 360 backwards compatibility.
      The upsides to the Xbox one are so much better than the ps4.
      It’s getting better and better.

    • Thank you. I’ve wanted to get back into gaming for the longest time, and I pre-ordered the Xbox One Elite because it seemed like a natural fit. I had a Playstation back in the day, and didn’t really like it that much, so PS4 didn’t appeal to me. I think people should choose whatever it is that makes them happy, and everyone else should just mind their own business.

    • BAD ADSc

      Yeah buy what makes you happy.

    • XbotMK1


      “Xbox appealed to me because they had a good service last gen”

      Is that why Xbox fanboy websites were begging Microsoft for free games last generation after PlayStation Plus came out? I wouldn’t call $60 a year for “free to play” multiplayer and a 54% console failure rate good service. Microsoft refused to extend Xbox 360 warranties until they were sued.

      “Their network is top notch as well”

      Is that why the party chat has been garbage since launch? Is that why Microsoft has been molding Xbox Live to look more like PSN, for example Game Hubs, real names, play a game while it downloads, join a Twitch streamer’s multiplayer match midstream, remote purchases, community events, and more? Xbox Live has been buggy and playing catch up since 2013.

      “Windows 10 making the UI so much quicker”

      You mean that glitchy buggy mess that is still in preview? Windows 10 has nothing to do with improving the Xbox One UI. The Xbox One UI is being changed because of the slow layout it had before.

      Everything Microsoft does is a reaction to sales. It is something Microsoft fanboys continue to deny.

    • The 2011 PSN hack says hi.

    • XbotMK1
    • None of those constitute ‘hacking’, and none of them even come close to one one-millionth of the damage that the 2011 PSN hack caused. Take your head out of the sand every now and then.

    • XbotMK1

      “None of this constitutes hacking”

      So it took a bunch of hackers to break in to PSN, yet it took a 5 year old to break in to an Xbox Live account?

      Its obvious you’re a Microsoft slave with double standards. You don’t know the details of the PSN hack and its not like Sony wanted PSN to be hacked or the store to be taken offline. The PSN hack happened years ago and things have changed now. We’re not talking about who was hacked and who wasn’t. We’re talking about Microsoft’s overpriced and sh*tty service this gen.

    • Do you understand what the phrase “break in” means? A 5-year-old didn’t “break in” or “hack” Xbox Live. He found a minor glitch. You must still be shellshocked from 2011’s PSN hack and subsequent Sony cover-up.

      It’s not like Sony wanted to be hacked? What kind of moronic apologist are you that that’s your argument for why it’s okay that their crappy network had massive security flaws and their executives decided to endanger the lives of millions of people by covering it up?

    • BAD ADSc

      Ps4 biggest selling point is that they reach 1080p in most of today’s games and that’s it. : /

    • red2k

      They are honest and don’t charge you 60$ for a remaster or put a paying service like PS now for play lastgen titles.

    • XbotMK1

      Thanks for making me laugh.

  • SiXftSiXtaLL

    I will get mine in just 2 days from now (oktober 20th) and i’ve got the impression the Elite’s selling well in europe. A few resellers are already out of stock for the release date. Maybe that’s why they shift units from Japan to Europe.

  • The old Xbox One UI is vastly superior to the new UI. I hope the new one gets permanently delayed. The current Xbox One UI is, by far, the best UI for a console ever. I hate how console manufacturers can force you to upgrade the OS.


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