Xbox One Exclusive Recore Geared Towards True Gamers

Addons like Kinect or Smartglass weren’t envisioned for this game.

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While we haven’t heard a ton of information about Recore, that is apparently about to change quite drastically. About a mont ago, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer made the comment that we would be hearing quite a bit more about the game when 2016 rolls around. While it isn’t quite 2016 yet, it appears that we have gotten at least a little more information as Armature Studio co-founder and ex-Metroid Prime developer Mark Pacini recently sat down for an interview with The Verge.

During the interview, Pacini said that he and his team have actually leaned on games like Legend of Zelda and Metroid as a kind of model for Recore. Pacini also said that when Microsoft first started talking to Armature about the project he said he wasn’t that sure it was the best idea. For one thing, Pacini was not all that interested in some of the things that Microsoft has pushed over the last few years. The developer became a little more sure about the partnership when he was told there weren’t any plans to incorporate Kinect or Smartglass.

Instead, this game was supposed to be made with true gamers in mind. That means there isn’t a ton of special features, just enough to actually hook those who just want to play a good video game. “It feels like, for us, the runway’s been kind of cleared. So we can just concentrate on making a really good game and putting features in that make sense for this game.” He said. While there isn’t yet an official release date for Recore, it slated for launch during the period which ends March 31, 2016.

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  • Psionicinversion

    Recore is already set to destroy most games of sonys next year #nocompetition #Recore4tw

    • Deeboy

      True but PlayStation fanboys will buy anything Sony puts out. They can put out a game called Little Red Shoe without any walking in it and it will still sell on the PlayStation. Xbox has most of the hard core gamers this Gen.

    • Rodney Patrick

      LMAO,that is so true

    • Mr Xrat


      That’s a good one!

    • Reclaimer13

      Not really. Most ps4 owners don’t buy games other than first person shooters these day. Sales on all those niche Japanese anime games have been abysmal. As good as Bloodborne is it still sold poorly compared to games like Destiny, CoD, Fallout 4, and Battlefront.

    • Mr Xrat

      The man with no attachment to the Xbone shilling for it relentlessly. Oh I am laughing.

  • chaaka_boom

    Lord Xbox one exclusives look fantastic for 2016. Buying em all

    • Mark

      I’ll prolly get most of em

  • Mr Xrat

    Made by a newbie studio.
    Developed by a man currently trying to stop Mighty No 9 and Red Ash being failures.
    Supposed to be out next quarter.

    “Geared towards true gamers” indeed.

  • XbotMK1

    Not impressed so far.


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