Xbox One Finally Launches In China

And it appears to be a success!

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After multiple delays, and a fourteen year long ban on game consoles, the Xbox One became the first dedicated games console player to have launched in China. The launch was originally scheduled to be last week, alongside its launch in other Asian territories (last week, the Xbox One launched in South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and India), but there was a last minute delay.

Anyway, now the launch is finally here, and as an affluent country of over a billion people with a growing middle class with expendable income, Microsoft could potentially have the first mover advantage in what might be an extremely important market in the future. As of right now, it appears that the Xbox One launch was a success, with multiple midnight launches, long lines, and sell outs.

Whether or not the Xbox One can sustain this kind of momentum is yet to be seen, but, assuming that it does, Microsoft might just have a legitimate shot at turning its fortunes around in this round of the console wars.

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  • d0x360

    Crazy who would have thought!? Oh right I did!

    I remember just a few short weeks back when a certain someone argued with me about Japanese culture and how they don’t like outside cultural influences. Then this someone tried telling me how stupid I am despite evidence to back up my claim. They he tried saying China is just like Japan except he was wrong because its the opposite in almost every way but since they were both Asian and he was clueless about their culture he just kept on going.

    Then he said NOBODY will buy x1. It will be just like Japan he said..well…the lines speak for themselves bud.

    • Starman

      I’ve tried to tell them .

    • d0x360

      lol its always good to pass off info. I wouldn’t have even made this topic had the guy not been borderline racist about the difference between Japanese and Chinese. I’ll chalk it up to age.

      People don’t seem to understand the Chinese at all. They are nothing like the Japanese. Nothing.

    • Starman

      And I’m part Chinese …lol even on IGN , they said , and I quote “They hate XBOX in china and INDIA ” can’t wait to see the India numbers….great post bro .

    • d0x360

      Its crazy the things people say. I understand not knowing about a culture but before you start fighting with people about one maybe do a few min or research.

      Yea I’m curious to see how India will go too. From a purely business standpoint its always interesting to see how different people react to things.

      Like with the 360, nobody would have guessed that it would dominate north America but the original Xbox built a pretty strong following with hardcore gamers, enough that it pushed the 360 into the mainstream. It was also huge in Brazil for some unknown reason.

    • ineedgames

      You sure showed him.

    • d0x360

      I sure did considering I was right and he was wrong on top of being fairly racist…so Yea. Your sarcasm won’t dull my gloating one bit.

  • crizz1066

    Will be interesting to see what the sales numbers are!!!

  • Mark

    Hopefully these guys can play MCC this November. One Chinese guy said “I only bought an Xbox One as a souvenir……..until Halo and TitanFall comes”. Lol. Would be great to see them get FH2 also.


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