Xbox One in Sweden Missing Voice Command Support, Games

Things are far from cheery for the console in Sweden.

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If you live in Sweden and picked up an Xbox One, which recently launched across the nation and will make its way to 29 others over the month of September, then you might want to hold off. According to Dark Zero, not only are games like Super Time Force, Powerstar Golf, and Killer Instinct: Ultra Edition unavailable to download but there isn’t support for voice commands via Kinect either.

Microsoft confirmed the latter issue to GameSpot and stated that, “Fans in 18 of our new launch markets are able to turn on voice controls using existing voice models for English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Japanese, depending on their market. In Sweden specifically, fans can enjoy a fully localized experience on the dash, but do not have access to voice controls at launch.

“Enabling voice is a significant endeavor as there are many complexities associated with delivering a great voice experience in various languages around the world. We’re working hard to add more features but have no additional details to share at this time.”

You’d think that if Microsoft were going to delay the launch of its console across various territories by almost a full year it could afford to get things right. Regardless, we’ll see how this pans out in the coming weeks.

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    @Gaming bolt why would you tell people to hold off from buying a Xbox One in Europe? Most people in Europe are gonna get the kinectless Xbox One, and Super time force and Power golf aren’t system seller if you know what i mean, your constant critizism of the Xbox One is unwarranted

    • Mark

      Well Ravi did say Sweden. U don’t wanna pick up an X1 expecting the same features that everyone else has, and end up sellin it back to GAME. That’d suck. Microsoft has the responsibility to make potential buyers aware of what isn’t currently supported. Especially voice control and undownloadable games. I have an Xbox and am luvin my TitanFall, but I woulda been pissed without voice support on launch.

      You gotta build trust and reliability at launch man. If I were MS, I’d call all of those Swedish retailers and tell em to properly inform buyers. The Xbox bundles are nice and all, but these basic features are core to the system, atleast with Kinect. My opinion.

    • GHz

      Yea but to tell people not to get the system? I mean Sony made promises too in regards features and no one ever said, wait don’t by the ps4 until such n such. He could’ve just stated the lack of, not say don’t buy it. Not cool.

      But I also see your point.

    • Mark

      Lol. I feel u. I guess just reporting the news without the opinion part would be ideal. Haha. Holiday time is gonna get real. U got Destiny? Man I don’t. The beta campaign was good. But darn it was only that. Where’s the reviews? This is some bull crap.

  • d0x360

    I’d hate to be the group tasked with voice controls from Sweden or Norway. They have such thick accents and they way words are pronounced the letters just kind of merge and mush together in strange ways. Its even better when you hear a Swede speaking English.


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