Xbox One Players Logged In Almost 8 Million Days In The First Week of December

The sun, what’s that?

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The Xbox One definitely got a sales boost in November in at least a couple of key territories, thanks to a series of aggressive moves made by Microsoft (said moves being bundling, marketing, and almost vicious price drops)- and it appears that those players weren’t just content to buy the console and let it sit at home either. No, they actually appear to have played the thing. A lot.

A new post by Xbox thanked users for logging in almost 8 million hours in the first week of December alone- a stupidly high amount. Of course, this isn’t necessarily playtime- any time spent logged into your Xbox Live account from your Xbox One console counts towards this tally. Still, it’s a very impressive number, and shows that the Xbox One audience is, at least for now, an engaged audience.

Me, I’m just wondering how many of those millions of hours were spent waiting for a match in Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Or for a face to appear in Assassin’s Creed Unity.

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  • d0x360

    Wow…what’s with the insults? Its the pc version of unity with no faces and the wait times in halo haven’t been bad since 4 days after launch. If you are going to encourage fanboys to act like children and take cheap shots at the very least get it right

    • Sumothong

      Yeah as soon as i read the end i thought it sounded like a 12 year-old wrote it. Maybe it was a lame attempt at being funny?

  • Leo Garcia

    And double of that on playstation
    sry xcrap you just a lost cause

    Have fun playin for the second place
    i hope ninendo beats you

    • Microsoftjunkie

      You must have a great life!

    • Omar

      In ur picture u look like a grown man but ur comments were that of a 12 year old.

  • Omar

    The title says 8 million days and the article says 8 million hours. Its over 189 million hours. Also, another article said this was over a 2 week period.

  • SirMaximusTR

    Power of the Xbox ❤


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