Xbox One S New Commercial Calls It “The Best Selling Console In America”

Very cheeky, guys. But you’ve earned it.

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Xbox One S

It’s good to see Microsoft being aggressive with their marketing for the Xbox One again. They’ve been on the backfoot far too often this generation, but with them finally having some good news and positive momentum on their side, it looks like they are ready to go on the offensive again.

Take this newest ad for the Xbox One S that they just put out in North America. With Xbox One now having topped NPD’s monthly hardware charts in North America for three months straight, finally breaking the stranglehold that the PS4 has had over sales in the region since the beginning of the generation, Microsoft are now advertising the Xbox One S as the best selling console in America. I mean, technically, in terms of install base, sure, Xbox still trails PlayStation by a vast amount- but as far as the present rate of sales goes, they finally seem to be turning things around.

There is also a brand new commercial for the UK market too, which you can check out for yourself below.

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  • crazy_black_man-

    These con men at MS have no shame. They only won the last 3 months out of a whole 3 years on the market. They refuse to release their sales figures because they’re embarrassed at how Sony just curb stomped them this gen. Hilariousness!

    • Eliezer Barreto

      Jajaj lol you re right

    • kma99

      Can you supply us with the numbers to back up your claim?

    • crazy_black_man-

      You just made my point for me! Where are the numbers to back up their claim?

    • kma99

      The burden of proof is on you. I didnt ask for their numbers you specifically said they were getting curb stomped so i want to see your proof.

    • crazy_black_man-

      No, you big dummy. The burden of proof is on the one who’s commercial advertising is making a blatantly fraudulent claim. We already know who is selling the most consoles.

      Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

    • kma99

      No you dummy, how do u know what they say isnt true? Please provide factual evidence to support your claim. Also provide factual evidence that they are getting curb stomped like you claimed earlier.

      Are you smarter than a 3rd grader? You keep spouting out crap but haven’t provided one speck of evidence.

    • crizz1066

      I’d leave him, he’s like a Creationist saying prove there is no god!!!!

    • crazy_black_man-

      LOL! Pretty much!

  • Eliezer Barreto

    Loll jajaj they are talking about how well they are selling , but before that they evento talk about it. Jajaja everyone know that many People are expecting ps4 pro.

  • Mr Xrat

    MS back to their old tricks, trying as hard as they can to sell their worthless cheesegrater.

  • crizz1066

    BBBBBBut M$ don’t care about sales figures “they don’t matter” Well that was the case for last year and a half when PS4 sales were drowning the X1.. Only selling more now because majority are waiting to purchase the Pro. lets see how well their sales do then.

    M$ spin out their bull and the acolytes just swallow it. No wonder the OG X1 was such a pile of junk!!

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