Xbox One Scorpio Specs Detailed In Leak- ESRAM Gone, Boosted L2 Cache, And More

The Scorpio, unmasked?

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xbox scorpio

So far, we haven’t had much in the way of hard numbers as far as the Xbox One Scorpio goes- Microsoft announced it at E3 last year, with the promise that the system would be able to target 4K gaming, thanks to a 6 TFLOPs GPU- and that was a pretty ambitious promise. It was also the only firm commitment we got from Microsoft.

Since then, we’ve been left to speculate about what else the system’s specs might entail. Reports earlier this year suggested that Microsoft may be using an AMD Vega CPU for the console, and popular speculation has pegged the total memory in the console being bumped up t0 12GB of RAM for the longest time.

However, in a new document obtained by Eurogamer’s Digital Foundry, Microsoft’s plans for the Scorpio are made a bit clearer than what we have known so far. The report by Digital Foundry confirms that the Scorpio will have a 6 TFLOPs GPU, and that developers will be allowed to utilize that power however they wish to. The report also reveals that the controversial and contentious ESRAM from the Xbox One design is gone on the Scorpio- Microsoft is suggesting that the increased memory bandwidth of 320 GB/s should be enough to compensate for its absence. The L2 cache also appears to have been increased to four times as large. Digital Foundry are also speculating, based on text in the document, that the Scorpio will have 12GB of GDDR5 RAM.

At the same time, there is also some bad news, or what could be bad news- it sounds like the CPU upgrades in the Scorpio may not be in line with the GPU upgrades. According to Digital Foundry’s analysis, the original text in the document about the Scorpio suggests that it may just be using a higher clocked version of its existing CPU technology. To be fair, this is not explicitly confirmed in the document, and is just what Digital Foundry is deriving based on the text- but their reasoning seems solid enough.

Digital Foundry have also confirmed that Microsoft seem to be pushing for the same Checkerboard 4K rendering and upscaling technique that Sony employs on the PS4. Whether or not this means that the Scorpio may not render each game in native 4K is something that remains to be seen.

Now, it is to be noted that the document in question is dated to being right after E3 last year; a remark by Phil Spencer earlier today seems to suggest that Microsoft are only now finalizing the specs and hardware for Scorpio, which means that plenty of changes could have been made to the system’s core design since this document was conceived of. Whether that could be something as dramatic as an entirely new CPU chipset, for example, however, remains to be seen.

Microsoft will presumably share exact, detailed specs for the Scorpio come E3, so we should know then whether or not anything has changed from when Microsoft shared this document with their developers last year. For now, however, it is fascinating to have a clearer picture of the direction that Microsoft are hoping to go in with the Xbox Scorpio.

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  • Holeybartender

    I guess that makes it a new Xbox and not a mid-cycle upgrade.

  • Gamez Rule

    So not the true 4k machine that MS stated it was back at E3 2016 ( also watch the video within link )

    • Luke Skywalker

      Yep time will tell as eurogamer put it “this is all speculation”.

    • theduckofdeath

      We all knew that their would multiple options for video output (1080p all the way up to 4k).

    • Mark

      Yup. And it should

    • Living While Alive

      It is true 4k. Read the entire article thoroughly.

      It’s mainly talking about checkerboard rendering for all old Xbox one titles to reach 4k not UWP games.(GOW4, FH3 etc)

      These fanboy websites including digital foundry got it wrong!!!

      It’s specifically states rendering old titles.

      “And to be fair, Microsoft has never suggested otherwise. It confirmed eight CPU cores out of the gate, suggesting a higher-clocked version of its existing CPU technology and all of its messaging has been about running existing game engines at 4K resolution with HDR rendering. The whitepaper we’ve seen primarily concentrates on how this is possible. A 4.5x boost to compute power suggests that 1080p engines will scale nicely to 4K on Scorpio, but the reality is that many Xbox One titles render at a 900p base resolution. The leap to 4K therefore becomes a 5.76x increase in pixel-count and at the same time, developers may not wish to spend GPU power on pixels alone.”

      On Project Scorpio, a half-resolution effect rendered at 1080p and bilaterally up-sampled to 4K could look as good or better than the same effect rendered at full resolution on Xbox One. For example, on Xbox One, the effect is produced at full resolution, say 900p, but on Project Scorpio, the effect is produced at 1080p, which is half resolution.”

      And then goes on to say native 4k.

      Microsoft’s whitepaper describes a first-party 1080p title it has running at native 4K – our guess here would be that it’s talking about the Forza Motorsport engine.

    • Gamez Rule

      Watch the video ( 6.24 – 7.20 ) in which the man that made the acrticle stated “So not the true 4k machine that MS stated it was back at E3 2016” STILL using Checkerboard 4K rendering and upscaling techniques that Sony employs on the PS4-Pro and not all native resolutions being used like a true 4k machine.

      New news as follows…

      “Thomas Mahler, Game Director, explains how the x86 architecture of
      current consoles enable future-proof games and describes the Scorpio as a ‘next-gen’ machine”

    • Living While Alive

      Bro, again the checkerboard rendering is for old titles running older engines before UWP or that didn’t use it.

      UWP wasn’t there at launch at just recently MS declared it mandatory to use that platform because that’s their push for one platform.

      Games such as RE7, Recore, GOW4, FH3, QB etc. . All implement the new feature and platform.

      Write once run anywhere.

      What the white paper is explaining is, reaching 4K on old games.

      Basically, unlike PS4 Pro which only a few old titles run @ 4k resolution. With Xbox One Scorpio and it’s software implementation, all old Xbox One titles will run at 4k resolution through checkerboard rendering.

      All 1st party titles will run @ 4k natively.

      And that’s straight from the horse’s mouth not some side-show site like digital foundry.

      Just wait till MS speaks.

    • Mark

      I kinda see what ur sayin. UWP vs old engines…

    • Luke Skywalker

      you know, maybe you should listen to the last part of that same video you referenced or read the last paragraph of that same article…..hint: it’s all speculation other than the removal of esram and double L2 cache.


    ESRAM removed
    Increased memory bandwidth of 320GB
    L2 cache increased to four times as large
    12GB of GDDR5 RAM
    Same CPU but better
    Checkerboard 4K rendering
    Native 4K on first party games

    -document in question is date right after E3 of last year
    In other words this could be all wrong, or all correct or a little of both

    Regardless those specs are good enough to deliever native 4K on some games, even the heavy ones.

    • theduckofdeath

      Curious (if true) what is being done with all that RAM. Could be playing it safe (4k textures, 4k frame buffer, sloppy or redundant resources, system demand, multi-tasking).

    • Riggybro

      I would say one third would be going to the UI.

      If comparing to a PC that does not leave a huge pool of 8GB to function as video and (in the absence of ddr3/4) system Ram.

  • Starman

    LOOOOL .. propaganda… MS would never let it leak that easy … checkerboard my @$$..only Sony uses crap tech like that. fake specs to boost up the PS4 garbage.

    • LifeOnMars

      Don’t worry the checkerboard rendering will look just fine, you will hardly see the difference.It just needs some AAA games and not be over $349 and it will sell OK.

    • Living While Alive

      Shut up pony, back in your stable!!

    • LifeOnMars

      Wow, you bring alot to the debate.

    • Living While Alive

      Thanks! /s

      I’ve already said what I needed to above.

      No need to be redundant.

  • Riggybro

    These are just “alternative facts”.

    Everyone knows MS will be releasing a console with a $300 GPU (not underclocked) an 8-core $200 4 ghz CPU a $175 SSD, a miracle cooling system to keep it all under 40c.

    All for only $399!!! Yep Phil has persuaded MS board of directors to take a loss for the good of the people!

    4K 60fps Ultra settings BOOOM!

  • Eric Higgin

    If Scorpio is just a Pro with a slightly better GPU then its not going to sell very well. If this has been XB’s plan the whole time, then they should have just launched Scorpio at the same time as Pro and just used the RX480 GPU at 5.5Tflops. Put it in an X1S sized box with external power brick, or X1 sized box with internal power supply. That would have gotten better sales as it would have gone head to head with Pro and would have had a clear advantage. Launching a year later than Pro for 0.5 more Tflops (6) is just a really dumb idea.
    This makes me think whether or not the GPU is Polaris with more CU’s or a gimped version of Vega, odds are Scorpio is using a Ryzen CPU in some shape or form. This is probably the main reason for XB to wait an entire year to compete with Pro.

    • theduckofdeath

      Ryzen and Vega are taking so damn long to release, the odds of them being included are looking worse and worse. As the article stated, the GPU will likely be Polaris with some Vega extensions. The worry is the CPU. MS repeatedly claimed that Scorpio would be “balanced”, so we can hope it won’t be hindered by a cost cutting CPU…too badly.

    • Luke Skywalker

      well the xbox one CPU has 4MB of L2 cache, so a 4x increase would put it at 16MB. I’ve never heard of a jaguar or any amd’s desktop cpu with that much L2 cache, their server opterons yes but not mainstream desktop part.
      if the L2 is 16MB then the L1 would have to also be increased from 16x32KB to 16x64KB.

    • Mark

      Interesting Luke. Curious observation made. Personally I’m still hyped for Scorpio. But it would blow up in peoples’ face if Scorpio uses Zen and/or Vega lol

    • Luke Skywalker

      so true. even when you see that Zen uses 8MB L2 and 16MB L3 cache so to me there’s still a high possibility there’s a Zen chip inside or Microsoft just went ahead and edit the jaguar cores as they like.

    • Mark

      Right. So it really shouldn’t be seen as “the same old Jaguar from Xbox One”. More like a real beefed up one, not just overclocked….I’m aight with that

    • Mark

      Well it’s 2 more TFLOPS, but I hear u

  • Dougdec92

    Time will tell, leave these inconclusive leaks alone

  • Mr Xrat

    So the beast ends up being not so much.

    As we all figured.

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