Xbox One Scorpio’s 6 TFLOPs Plans Have Not Changed Since Announcement, Phil Spencer Confirms

Still the most powerful console ever.

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xbox one scorpio

Microsoft announced the Xbox One Scorpio would have a 6TFLOPs GPU back at E3, when they announced the new system for a Holiday 2017 release date. There have since been rumors and some persistent speculation that Microsoft may in fact not meet this target that they so publicly set for themselves, and that we may end up with something that is almost, but not quite, 6TFLOPs, for a GPU.

Speaking on Twitter, however, Xbox head Phil Spencer put an end to that speculation once and for all by recommitting to a 6TFLOP GPU, and confirming that Microsoft’s plans have not changed since the initial announcement for the console.

This means that as of right now, the Xbox One Scorpio is still slated to be the most powerful console ever created when it launches next year- though at the same time, the question of whether or not that power will amount to anything, given that it will never have true exclusives, and always have to maintain parity with Xbox One, is something that remains to be seen.

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    Yes the Xbox Scorpio has to maintain parity with the Xbox One but games running on the Xbox Scorpio will have better frame rates higher quality textures and higher resolutions so even the both consoles will share the same game the Xbox Scorpio version obviously will be the superior version multiplatform games will also have a superior performance on the Xbox Scorpio compared to the PS4 and PS4 PRO

    • quantum

      Agreed. But to be fair since it’s coming out a year after the PRO what would be the point of releasing it if it wasn’t more powerful?

    • crazy_black_man-

      What games? Everybody knows the Xbox ain’t got no damn exclusive games. The Scorpio will be just another Xbox One in a bigger VCR case, same OS, same fan noise, same old problems with a higher price. You clowns never learn.

    • Luke Skywalker

      by the way………..blocked.

    • crazy_black_man-

      Who is this clown that blocked me? Is he somebody anybody listens to? LOL.

      Feelings get hurt when you can’t handle the truth about the crappy products you support.

    • jp

      someone raped you with an Xbox it seems, the original Xbox….

    • crazy_black_man-

      Sony raped me with a refurbished Xbox. They said if I ever told anybody they would force me to play Halo. I wouldn’t wish that type of punishment on anybody.

    • jp

      I wouldn’t want to be you definitely, you make no sense haha.

    • crazy_black_man-

      Liar. You wish you could be me everyday.

    • jp

      im good thanks.

    • Evil_Annie_2015

      Your comment made my day….lol

    • Mr Xrat

      Great to see you’ve embraced the backtrack, Kirk.

      All that power just to get Gears 4’s 360 textures at 4K.

    • Reclaimer13

      Yeah, parity as far as gameplay is concerned.

  • Riggybro

    Disappointing. I thought Phil was gonna say they were increasing it to more than 6TF.

    • Michael

      For what… it already destroys anything sony has ever or will ever have.

    • Riggybro



    • bewareofZ

      Just like the PS4 has destroyed anything that MS has.
      Expect PS5 announcement early 2018 for a 2019 release.
      It really is too late now for MS.

    • jp

      PS4 has not destroyed anything from MS, if at all MS did it themselves with the poor launch of the X1, but now they are turning tides, so MS looks stronger in the mid long term than PS4.

    • Retsuprae

      Go easy on him, as soon as you start hitting bewareofZ with facts his v*@gina starts bleeding out of control.

    • bewareofZ

      How exactly are MS looking stronger mid to long term? Have you seen the 2017 release schedule? MS are not turning the tide, if anything they’ve had a very minor success with the One S and that’s it.
      critically and popularity wise, their big games have missed the mark.

    • jp

      Halo 5 sold more than Uncharted 4, and the player base continues to grow, so dont tell me they missed the mark, PS4 has 2x consoles in the market, but not even the multiplatform games sell 2x on the PS4, Xbox Sells a couple thousand less, so Xbox gamers buy more games than PS4 gamers do, and that make a huge difference. dont base everything on console sales.

    • Retsuprae

      You do realize that bewareofz is mentally retarded right?

    • jp

      Dolby atmos, better and faster donwload speeds, better online gaming service, better controller, an Elite controller option, good coming exclusives, I mean, are you retarded?

    • bewareofZ

      Ps4 already had faster download speeds, better online gaming service is subjective, dolby atmos – nice but not essential, there are many 3rd party elite controllers for the PS4 that are superior to the MS one. Exclusive games, again subjective but the PS4 list is so much better, there’s only Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3 so far and both those are going to PC.
      No, I’m not retarded, just realistic. PS4 is definitely the better prospect for 2017.

    • Retsuprae

      LMAO Even the Wii U has faster download speeds than PS4 does. Most PS4 owners have to use a NAT workthrough to get 5-10 mbs downloads while Xbox One defaults at around 60mbs and that was before the recent update, now it’s about 12x faster.

      Better online isn’t subjective either, Xbox Live demolished PSN in an independant study, faster speeds, far more reliable, more features, apps and messaging work better and faster, better support that actually gives you refunds unlike Sony, there is literally zero advantages that PSN has, but PSN is the king of getting hacked and getting credit info stolen, Sony will always have that title.

      Xbox has the better controller objectively, even Razer acknowledges it which is why the Raiju is modeled after the Xbox One controller

      Do you see any Xbox controllers modeled after the Dual Shock 4? No, because anyone who’s used both controllers knows that the DS4 is a piece of crap in comparison.

      PS4 literally has zero advantages over the Xbox One outside of power and they’re going to lose that too soon, they’ll be no point in buying a PS4 unless you QTE games or Japanese high school girl rape simulators

    • turkeygod
      congrats on being a troll and being wrong

      x1 controllers are too bulky for my taste

      my x1 has 60mbs download speed
      id upload a image but it’s in another room right now and i’m too lazy to go do it

      i’m guessing you’ve never owned a ps4? too bad your missing out it’s just as good as xbox one and has some nice exclusives on it like bloodborne and killzone

    • Retsuprae

      Hahahahaha That’s a connection TEST you dumbass, the actual download speeds are on average 5-10 MBS vs 70-100 Mbs on XBL BEFORE the recent update

      Get rekt, get fking REKT


      I guess my PS4 I bought on Black Friday must be my imagination 🙁

    • bewareofZ

      again, everything you said is subjective.
      Don’t respond until you can talk like an adult.

    • Retsuprae

      Not really, everything I said is objective, PS4 having slower downloads than the Wii U is objective, it’s numerical and can be quantified

      50MBs being faster than 4MBs isn’t subjective, you need to learn what the terms subjective and objective mean

      PSN getting hacked on a routine basis and going down is objective, it can be quantified

      PS4 having a crappy controller is objective, if it didn’t then Razer wouldn’t have modeled their PS4 controller after the Xbox One

      I’m sorry that mom bought you the wrong console, don’t respond until you’re old enough to drive and can afford more than one console 🙂

    • bewareofZ

      proof that PS4 has slower downloads compared to Wii U?
      proof that PSN is hacked routinely and goes down more than Live?
      If the Xbox controller was better, they’d have copied the same stick configuration. As I use both, I know the DS4 is superior, fact.

      Don’t use the same “age” joke, it only really works once.

    • Retsuprae

      11gbs in 33 minutes comes out to around 5MBs download speeds

      Wii U gets around 7-9 Mbs….how embarrassing

      XBL destroys PSN in reliability

      You don’t use both as you cannot afford both consoles, the DS4 is inferior which is why Razer copied the XBone controller

      Why is it that there are no Xbox One controllers shaped like the Dual Shock 4? Because everyone with a brain knows the DS4 is a POS

    • bewareofZ

      still waiting for the proof that XBL is more reliable than PSN.
      Still waiting for proof that PSN is hacked regularly.

      The PS4 download screen only proves how long a download will take, on that particular PS4 using that particular ISP. hardly scientific…
      Also, I’ve yet to see a download actually take as long as the predicted time, the speed varies throughout and the time adjusts.

      please try to actually prove the things you say before replying.

    • Retsuprae

      LMAO I just showed links and you’re in denial

      Evidence of the PS4 Download screen only being an estimate?

      The Wii U downloads at 7 MBs on WIRELESS. That’s just embarrassing

      Sucks that you’re stuck with such a crappy system :/

    • bewareofZ

      no, you showed a screenshot that proves nothing.

    • Retsuprae

      I’m sorry that you can’t do simple mathematics.

  • crazy_black_man-
  • Terminator

    LOL the PS Drone Fanboys are so scared and desperate with the Xbox Scorpio that they had to start this rumors. But it shouldn’t be a surprise since this are the same people who make false claims left and right, try to make something small that isn’t a big issue bigger than it is, and just try and spin the words said by the devs to fit their agenda.

    This people are not gamers they are corporate slaves. Hilarious

    • Mr Xrat

      It’s OK, Xgimp, you’ve had a bad year. Swallow a big bottle of pills to make the bad thoughts go away.

  • Mr Xrat

    Xgimps need calming down after a very bad month. Poor fools.

    • Luke Skywalker

      I would implore everyone to block this guy, both xbox and ps fans. this guy is just toxic to the community.

    • Reclaimer13

      It’s pointless. He has over 20 sock accounts. Anyway I think people like him serve a purpose. He’s a constant reminder to everyone in the gaming community of how vile the group of people he represents are.

    • Tomaterrrx

      Word. Xrat will just be a disgrace to everything he will ever be a part of with that bs attitude to consoles. What are the odds he even bought his PS4 with his own money?

    • Luke Skywalker

      lol no sweat. I’ve pretty much blocked all xrat’s various handles. as soon as they seem even a little like it’s him I hit that block button

  • Reclaimer13

    Maintain parity from a gameplay standpoint.

    • Mark

      Correct. But do u know the REAL BIG difference between games are? It’s the amount of Polygons for each character in the game. I think RYSE had about 90K for Marius. That figure is roughly the same today in our recent games in 2016, that it was back in 2013z. It’s because the PS4 & X1 GPUs, well, that’s about all they can kick out, PS4 being a lil higher. But an actual true next game will maybe have like 500K-700K polys for one guy on screen….that’s what REALLY separates the graphics. Not just lighting, AA, shadows and sharper textures. Just wanted to share that bro. Most people don’t know this. That would be a huge difference in parity, other than gameplay of course

    • Gamez Rule

      I believe that no matter what power a console has under the hood and how good games can be made for gamers some people will always want more.

  • Retsuprae


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