Xbox One Weird Error: YouTube App Automatically Signs You Out if Some One Else Walks In

If some one with a profile walks into the room, YouTube will automatically boot you out.

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A very interesting glitch has been happening with the Xbox One YouTube app. Since the console relies on facial recognition, it tends to log users in as soon as Kinect gets a hold of your mug. This is useful for, say, signing into YouTube. However, some users have begun complaining about being signed out of YouTube when some one else with a profile enters the room.

So if you’re watching the latest Let’s Play and another Xbox One user walks into the room, you’ll be taken back to the YouTube launch page and the other user will be signed in instead. As of now, there doesn’t seem to be any real way to prevent this from happening. The only choice thus far is to close the app and then launch it again.

Have you been facing this issue with your Xbox One? If so, let us know in the comments below, especially if you have a fix (aside from shutting off Kinect, trapping your SO in your room while you play or more…gruesome methods).

(Source: Reddit)

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  • bigshynepo

    Maybe youtube is using kinect to enforce their new contentID policies?

    “More than one person in the room? That’s public exhibition! You must be making money off our stream!”
    /end sarcasm

  • spideynut71

    Ever since Google bought Youtube, the service has gone steadily downhill. Their latest changes to the comments sections has made them nearly impossible to follow or reply to comments…..not to mention how they ruined gmail in the process by tacking on the Youtube app.

  • Eagles83

    It also happens with the Vudu app as well. It is very annoying to say the least. It is cool to use the sign in feature when you are just on the dashboard but they should have programmed it so that if you are in an app then it would leave the primary user logged in.

  • Los Illuminados

    LOL. good thing i didn’t buy a Xbox One. i am happy with my PS4.


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