Xbox One With Windows 10 Interface User Tested As Fastest UI

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There is very little doubt that there is a lot of excitement surrounding the impending release of the new Xbox One interface that will feature Windows 10. While some users actually have this new UI in their hot little hands most people are going to have to wait until next month in order to see what this new interface can actually do. One user who has managed to get a look at the new interface says he has tested it along side Microsoft’s old (read current) interface and the UI for the Playstation 4.

This Redditor admitted that he is a bit biased but he also says that the new Xbox One interface is running the fastest of all the dashboards. We should take all of the data he also gathered and compiled in a helpful pic below with a grain of salt. First of all, it isn’t like any of the interfaces are running so slow that people have been complaining a great deal. There are always going to be some people who wish their consoles moved a little faster but it’s not like we’re talking about one interface moving with broadband Internet type speeds while another acts like dialup.

On the other hand if this testing can be proved out on a wide scale, it would show that Microsoft is moving in the right direction when it comes to its software. This new dashboard is being anxiously awaited for a number of reasons and if one positive side effect is the new Xbox One dashboard responds quicker, that’s a check in the plus column.

Xbox One UI

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  • red2k

    Looks like a massive boost for th X1 but anyway we are going to prove it soon.

    • Alvina Thomas

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  • GamerJudge

    Ready for the damage control….

  • sgt_hammertime

    this is good to hear

  • GamerJudge

    XbotMK1 and some of his alt accounts already damage controlling lol


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