Xbox One Without Kinect, Price Drop is “A 2015 Event” – Pachter

Don Mattrick’s “favourite child” is fast losing support at Microsoft.

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Rumours have been rife in the past few months about Microsoft releasing a Kinect-less Xbox One for $399 and in the latest episode of Bonus Round, Wedbush analyst Michael Pachter talked about how this will happen soon enough. The Kinect was apparently heavily favoured by Don Mattrick and now that he’s gone, it’s support isn’t what it used to be.

“Don isn’t there anymore. You have a new boss over the Xbox division, who has no skin in the Kinect game. Sure they’re gonna unbundle. Not in 2014. They will not change the SKU that dramatically in the first full year. It’s a 2015 event.

“Just the way they introduced the 4GB Xbox after a couple years, they’ll bring one out and it’ll be something that’ll look a little dumbed down. I think they’ll actually pick the core model and put a 2TB hard drive in it, and then the dumbed down one will have a 500GB hard drive, and it’ll have no Kinect, and it’ll be $400.

“The problem is that if by spring ’15 they cut the price to $400, Sony goes $349 for ours/Sony right now is in a position to stay ahead of them, and this is what happened with the PS2. PS2 kept taking share by cutting price. I think this is a price game. I think unbundling Kinect is the smartest way to get competitive right away.”

You can blame Mattrick for Kinect still being bundled though, as the executive thought “it was gonna change the world. He believed it a mechanism to cross sell Skype and to cross sell cable access and doing other things.” That changed when they just decided to build the same functions into SmartGlass, especially with the growing numbers of smartphones and tablets.

“I think the overlap of Xbox One households and smartphones and tablets households is probably a hundred percent. I think that Kinect has become almost irrelevant. I think the voice command is really cool, but you can use your tablet.”

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  • Why are people still listening to this idiot?

  • You are flat out wrong

    As much as it pains me to admit it, but MS dropping that f*cking awful wagglecam (as well as sacking Spencer, Mehdi, Penello and Greenberg) would ameliorate my ill-feelings towards the Xbone.

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Spencer is an ok guy, doesn’t deserve to be lumped in with Penello the snake oil liar.

    • Michael Norris

      Yea,i don’t have an issue with Spencer,Penello/Greenberg both should be fired.

    • Carlos

      What did penello do?

    • Carlos

      Everyone who has an Xbox one will tell you how good kinect is. I love kinect and it works pretty damn good. Trying to use any other setup will piss me off. When i go to my living room i always have the urge to tell things to turn on by themselves or try to tell my phone to switch apps, but Microsoft will keep the kinect bundled. They aren’t first place in the console war but they are making money and that’s all they care about. Sony is in the shithole and they are laying off good devs from some of their good studios which is a big mistake cause when halo, titanfall, quantum break, and gears come out everyone is going to want those games and they are only going to be in one place, and that’s xbox.

    • Mikeherp Derp

      Consumers have spoken and they want PS4s 2 to 1.

  • Mikeherp Derp

    This man f*cked over the Xbox brand and Xbots are still in denial about it.

    “MS couldn’t have possibly thrown gamers under the bus by making a weaker more expensive media focused box! There must be SPECIAL SAUCE in there somewhere!” They did, deal with it.

    • Carlos

      No just us gamers were ignorant enough to think that we magically didn’t own our games when that wasn’t the case. However I wasn’t a fan of the always online but now that i realize my Xbox one has always been connected to the internet.

  • Oh look its someone who is always Flat out Wrong and a big dumb Derp following him as usual. You two guys must be attached by butt plugs. Carry on ladies.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Your tears are delicious, Xbot. 🙂

    • LOL.


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