Xbox One X Will Receive More Japanese Games, Devs Saying Good Things About The Console, Says Microsoft

Microsoft is trying to build a larger market in Japan.

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Microsoft’s home consoles have never had much of a footing in the Japanese video games market, but it looks like they’re trying to change that with the Xbox One. We’ve already seen games that would cater to such audiences announced for the system, such as Code Vein and Dynasty Warriors 9, but apparently, there’s more to come, according to  Xbox Games Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg.

Greenberg recently spoke about the issue with DualShockers during Gamescom, and if what he says is anything to go by, people can expect more similar announcements in the future. Greenberg said Microsoft has had and continues to have great relationships with Japanese developers and creators, having worked with them both internally and externally, and Microsoft are trying to maximize on these relationships.

Greenberg said that the Japanese game makers are always the quickest to accept and experiment with latest hardware technologies, which is something that they have been doing with the Xbox One X as well. Apparently, reception from Japanese creators for the latest hardware has been good, and while there isn’t anything to announce just yet, there is going to be something in the future.

A game like Scalebound would surely have gone a long way in catering to Japanese audiences, but obviously, that isn’t going to happen anymore. Here’s hoping there’s some similar announcements around the corner.

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  • LifeOnMars

    Good news for Microsoft, they should be able to double their market share in Japan..

    • Mr Xrat

      LOL I see what you did there. From 2% to 4%.

    • zcar_driver

      Of course you saw what he did. He is you, and you are him.

    • Mr Xrat

      Another Xgimp seeing monsters in the dark.

    • zcar_driver

      Just an observation.


    Good News for gamers.

  • Doggystyle ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Yeah right. Consider the source of this information.

  • Mr Xrat

    It’s another “Aaron Greenberg lies through his teeth” episode. I note he’s been on overdrive since the Gamescom debacle.

    • youre like, the only non-xbox fan to know who he even is, lol. you spend way too much time with your ear to the ground on microsoft gaming news just to crap on it. youre like the people who have twitter accounts just to follow trump and shoot him down whenever he says anything. have fun living your life like that.

    • Mr Xrat

      Everyone knows who that f*t lying loser is, friend. MS props him up so that loser community has a role model to look up to!

    • do you have any friends on PSN at all? i imaging fellow playstation gamers like myself ignore you because you are so much of a nutcase. you think you are annoying xbox users, but you are alienating literally everyone. even sony fanboys think you are weird. just chill out with the anti-xbox stuff. let them have their own little corner of the gaming industry, nobody is hurting you. its okay, man. really.

  • MasterKlownX3

    Infatuated by all things XBox, yet has a very bitter, emotional viewpoint. Maybe he feels slighted, the brand let him down hard. This Xrat lives and breaths Xbox, that love/hate life … A savant perhaps. Either way, it livens up the place, the yin yang — hate the Microsoft’s wang.

  • Jose Flanders

    XBOX is DEAD

  • Truthhurts24

    Great news for Xbox. I believe 1X will bring a great change to the Xbox brand


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