Xbox One/PS4 Currently Have Plenty of Room for Improvement, Driver Updates Happening All The Time – Insider

Insider who tweeted about Xbox One’s 10% performance increase clarifies statements.

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Industry insider Ahsan Rasheed – also known as NeoGAF user thuway – has taken to Twitter to clarify comments he made a few days ago about the Xbox One receiving a 10 percent performance increase with its latest driver update, stating there are driver optimizations happening for both consoles and that there is room for improvement till the end of their life cycles.

“I should make some clarifications since I just read an article explicitly stating Microsoft will increase performance of X1 by 10%. A lot of what is going behind the scenes for both X1 and PS4 is driver optimizations. Similar to how you update drivers on PC’s.

“There is a ton of room for improvement on both machines and drivers will be optimized till the end of the generation. Current state of both machines has a good room for improvement, and those fruits will manifest themselves in the months to come.”

Rasheed also stated that those waiting for a big announcement won’t really be getting the same. “But if you are sitting at the edge of your seat waiting for the announcement about a ‘driver’ performance update- It won’t happen. No one will yell off a rooftop that performance has improved thanks to driver updates. These are things that are happening all the time.” He further added that, “The combination of better drivers, tools, and engine optimizations – will all lead to better visual fidelity.”

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  • d0x360

    I can imagine both consoles will see significant performance gains within the next 12 months. Going by articles from insiders the Xbox one stands to benefit the most as its operating system was about 6 months from being “done” when it launched in Nov and what we got was more of a beta than anything. Ms also HSS some of the best engineers in the world and the direct x team works magic with code. They helped 343 work on Halo 4’s graphic engine and it was incredibly impressive what threy managed to pull off.

    This generation is going to be quite exciting. I can’t wait till March which is when I’ll be getting a ps4 which will complete my next gen purchasing until possibly sept when I build a new PC. My wiiu gets very little use but I still consider it a next gen system. Exciting times ahead no matter if you own the xbox , ps4 or best of all both.


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