Xbox One’s Latest Update Brings New Features/Improvements You May Be Unaware of

Has DVR clip length been increased?

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The Xbox One February system update is now live, and a Reddit thread has reported on some of the other changes the system has seen either than what Microsoft promised. First of all, players can now see how long you’ve been friends with some one by heading to your Followers list.

Furthermore, when uploading game clips, you’ll now see that all the thumbnails are of a uniform size. Earlier, some thumbnails would be larger than others. That’s make it easier to scan through clips when deciding what to upload. Perhaps the biggest change is that the game clip time has been increased. Earlier, it was five minutes. Check out the screenshot below which has the clip at 6 minutes and 39 seconds long. More information is incoming on the same – it could be a bug for all we know.

Xbox One_clip length

You can also report players for unsportsmanlike conduct including quitting. This is reportedly better than the file complaint process. Finally, the Achievement Unlocked notification now has the X icon moving to the side. “Hold X for Details” is centered now, which looks better for the player. You can also now report gamers for stuff such as rage quitting and unsporting conduct this is much better than the file complaint process that was the only option before.

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  • AlwaysRight

    Nice. Now if only Sony would care about us PS4 owners and do big OS and system updates like Microsoft does and fix all the errors and crashes we get.

    • Arnošt Kensei

      I did not got a single crash or error since i bought my PS4

    • Mark Michaels

      Well I have. I had the entire system crash and restart when I was trying to check my friends trophys. It’s wierd.

    • Nevermind

      I’ve got both and have had no problems with the ps4, but I did have one with the xbox. It hung on a game install then wouldn’t recognise discs or let me continue installation. Called tech and I was informed to try hard reset and connect lan cable instead of wireless. Since doing so no problems. Titanfall is fun and therefore the xbox is getting a little more of my time atm

  • Michael Cardwell

    I got both consoles and I use my X1 despite resolutions a lot more…. Got my cable hooked through it. I just love how everything works together. After playing Titanfall I’m extremely glad I bought a X1!


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