Xbox Play Anywhere Offers “Tremendous Value” – Aaron Greenberg

Greenberg talks about the benefits of gaming on multiple devices.

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Even if you’re on the side of the fence that doesn’t agree with Xbox One exclusives heading to Windows 10 at their respective launches, it’s hard to deny the new Xbox Play Anywhere feature. This essentially allows you to buy a digital copy on Xbox One and receive a Windows 10 version for free (and vice versa).

As head of Xbox games marketing Aaron Greenberg told DualShockers, “So that is absolutely exciting. To be able to do that and to say: You’ll be able to play both versions on both platforms without having to pay twice…I think is a tremendous value.” Greenberg also believes that Xbox Play Anywhere games will do “pretty well on PC.”

“I think we will see that a lot of gamers, despite us putting them in already pre-defined buckets, most gamers play on multiple devices. They play on the console and on the PC.

“For me as a gamer, the benefit of, ‘Hey, if I’m at home and I wanna start playing Gears, but then I’m at work, at school, on the road, wherever it might be, and I can continue where I left off in my PC,’ is a tremendous benefit.

“It gives a lot more value to the games for fans. So we’re excited and we’ll see. It’s something that we’d like to hear people’s feedback about, and hopefully they’re excited about it and they’ll support it, so that we can continue to do it, and other partners will see the opportunity there as well.”

ReCore, out on September 13th, will be the first game to support the initiative and will be followed by Forza Horizon 3, Gears of War 4, Halo Wars 2 and so on.

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  • d0x360

    What normal person would be mad at a game releasing on PC and Xbox? Its an absolutely ridiculous position to take.

    Its the perfect idea. I’d love every game to work that way. Then I have the option of where I want to play and how. For example I don’t have a wheel setup for Xbox one but I’ve invested about $1000 in my PC racing setup. Now when I want to play forza with that setup I’ll be able to on PC. I’ll also be able to take advantage of higher resolution and better visuals. When I want to just quickly jump in and play with a controller I can just do so on the Xbox and no matter where I’m playing my save is automatically always there and I can play with anyone on either platform.

    It also means if you own an Xbox one and a gaming PC you can play with someone in your own house at the same time by signing into your Xbox on a 2nd gamertag and using the primary gt on PC. This also works with 2 Xbox ones in the same house. A feature I’ve taken great advantage of essentially bringing couch coop back into games that only support online coop

    • Troy Marcel

      Stupid Sony fanboys

  • Doggystyle

    The central theme is “buy any digital copy”. The central idea is that the more they can get you to buy digital copies of Xbox games, the less physical games you are able to trade in to Gamestops. Its their “no used games” policy that they tried to push at launch, now masked as a “tremendous value” thru play anywhere. They wish you would buy all of your Xbox One games digitally to lock your digital games investment to your gamertag. That digital game library investment means that there is less reason to trade your games, or sell your used console. These guys don’t ever sleep on a good scheme. I never buy big AAA games digitally on PS4. Always physical, with the option to trade in. Digital is for suckers.

    • Troy Marcel

      More people are buying digital these days and it’s only going to grow.

    • Doggystyle

      No, just a few idiots like you. As much as MS would like to kill off used game sales, most people are smart enough to see what’s going on. There are very few people like you that like being controlled by Microsoft,which is why they just announced that more future Xbox exclusive games will be coming to Steam. How does it feel to be constantly lied to?

  • Mr Xrat

    Ultimate value – now you can play the few MS games they bother to release without needing to waste money on their derelict hardware.

    • Doggystyle



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