Xbox UK Boss Says The UK Games Market Has Been Challenging This Year

“People only have so much money in their wallet and it’s really hard for people to go out there and buy everything at once in a short period of time..”

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The UK games market seems to be on the verge of a collapse- barring Pokemon, every major game released this year appears to have performed worse in the region than its immediate predecessor, indicating that interest in traditional retail AAA gaming may not be sustainable in the region.

And speaking to MCV UK, Xbox UK boss Harvey Eagle admitted that the UK market has been challenging this year, pointing to a number of high profile games under performing, and noting that stacking all releases into the end of the year release window is probably not helping matters.

“From a console point of view, we are very happy with our performance this year,” Eagle said. “When you look at games, it’s been a mixed year to date if you look at sales success. What you see is that some titles, like FIFA, Battlefield 1, and Forza Horizon 3, have performed really well and others have really struggled to fulfil their potential. 

“It’s been a very congested window in recent weeks. People only have so much money in their wallet and it’s really hard for people to go out there and buy everything at once in a short period of time. I do believe that quality games in the end will find their audience over time, and I think they will continue to sell. It has been a challenging year for games for those reasons.”

His analysis is spot on- so hopefully he can talk some sense into Microsoft, and ensure that they don’t just always release their games in the last quarter of the year. Spread your releases out a bit more, let people pick up a major Xbox game in the drier months of the year, too. Maybe that could help with the problem.

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  • kee1haul

    I can’t pay full price before Christmas, but I can buy two for half price after.

  • lagann

    I f ing hate how ms just releases all their games during the last quarter of the year.

    It’s a pretty horrible strategy because,

    1) They dont even take into account third party releases. For example, releasing Gears 4 so close to the release date of BF1 did NOT do them any favors whatsoever. Sure i bought both but guess which game I played more? Gears 4 is probably having problems with player retention as a result as shown by The Coalition trying to make PC and console cross play for competitive mode. Another example would be Tomb Raider and we all know how that played out.

    2) Lets’s just say we have the money to buy all those games MS decides to release almost at the same time…..where is the time to play them? You know how the saying goes….You got time but have no money…but when you have the money you got no time.

    While sure I can put my fanboi hat on and say Sony just delay their games….at least it works out in the end because thought was put into thinking when best to release the title. I sure do hope Phil is trying to work on these issues.

  • Mr Xrat

    But they said 2016 was a tipping point!


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