[CLOSED] XCOM-petition time: three copies up for grabs

Give us your best ideas for an XCOM: Enemy Unknown squad and you could win a PlayStation 3 copy of the game.

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If you’ve not heard by now, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a bloody good game, dubbed “very sexy” by yours truly and awarded a tantalising 9.5/10 right here on GamingBolt.

To celebrate what isn’t just a brilliant game, but an excellent achievement in bringing excellent turn-based strategy to the console without sacrificing a single facet of gameplay, we’ve got three PlayStation 3 copies to give away to you, the fans. This competition is only open to UK residents, and to enter all you have to do is the following:

In the comments section below, detail your perfect 6-person squad and what you think they’ll bring to the table. For example my first squad was solely comprised of characters from Breaking Bad, Walter White was the deadshot sniper whilst Jesse Pinkman was on point. They can be real or fictional, funny or serious, and the best three squads will win a copy of the game!


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  • ToneSibley

    Firstly my Mother when she shouts everything gets done – she’d be the leader. those Aliens would run and panic and my men would soon fall in line with her deathly stare (still love her though!)
    Second and third I’d bring along the two Mitchell brothers. Nice bruisers to bash a few heads but they also love their Ma so I’m hoping they’d be right behind mine!
    In fourth position would Usain Bolt. Great for dashing in grabbing the intel and making a get a way. His name would also add a bit of style to an otherwise mundane roster.
    At number five Marcus Fenix – he’s used to wiping out hordes of aliens and it would be wrong to enter a video game competition without referencing another video game!
    Bringing up the rear in the final sixth position would need to be an eagle eyed sniper, one with patience and a little flair. I present to you Zero. Since finishing Borderlands he’s been kicking back shooting off Skags and needs a new challenge, as do I!

  • Captain Malcom Reynolds – He’s gonna be team leader
    Master Chief – He’s just gonna get it done no matter what
    Commander Shepard – He’s gonna lead the frontal assault
    Major Nelson – He’s not an actual “Major” but he’s gonna lead PR after shit gets done
    Solid Snake – He’s gonna be reconnaissance and gather important intel.
    Jerry Seinfeld – He’s gonna be the comic relief

  • Elmo – He’ll lure enemies in by drawing them in to tickle him
    Cookie Monster – He’ll provide food for the squad and when we’re low on ammo, we’ll use his cookies as Destructo Disks to cut them down
    Big Bird – He’s big and yellow which screams, “shoot me, shoot me,” so sadly yes, big bird is the decoy and bullet sponge
    Oscar – He’s grouchy, he’s angry, he’s mean, he’s gonna use whatever he has in his trash can to help us win
    The Count – He’s gonna distract the enemies by dropping his mathematical concepts on them.
    Mr. Snuffleupagus – Good ‘ol Snuffy. When all else fails, we’re gonna use his trunk as a n00b t00b. =)

  • eFFinAddict

    6 friends 1 objective.

    Ross – He’s the smart geeky guy so he’s the most qualified to devise a tactical strategy
    Rachel – She’s the eye candy of this squad, good to look at and nothing else
    Joey – His simpleton cluelessness will actually help out on the battlefield
    Phoebe – Her song ♫ Smelly Cat ♫ will drive enemies insane and make them shoot themselves
    Monica – Her overly competitive nature will make sure the guns are always fully loaded and we win at all costs
    Chandler – He’s too busy being bossed around by Monica and doing what she says

  • Ellen Ripley – xenomorph extermination specialist Bob Lee Swagger (Shooter) – a sniping badass Blaine (Predator) – carries a minigun and ain’t got time to bleed Iron Man – speed, weaponry and wisecracks Hank (Dungeons & Dragons cartoon) – magic bow and arrow attack will make the aliens double take a bit Randon Red shirt #23 from Star Trek – always need some cannon fodder

  • Lewis Fisher

    I would have.

    Shane (walking dead) Only one who could truly survive a zombie apocalypse and is quite bad ass.

    Kratos – Played as him at eurogamer on All Star Battle Royales. and quite frankly is the don, everyone will play as him.

    Ditto (pokemon) can morph into any shape and imitate the enemies.

    Nandos Chef – Nandos chicken will be needed.

    Kevin Butler – with his new deal at bridegstone, his resources may be useful 😉

    Batman – overall favourite superhero, being his mate would be awesome 😀

  • Squall (FFVIII) – Because of his magic selection, skill and gun blade…

    Spider-Man – ‘cuz he’s genuis and powerful mutant…

    Agent 47 – because of his skill and weapon’s expetise…

    Stephan Urkelle (Family Matters) – because as steve he was a geek/genius/nerd so he’s definately good to go for his intellect and decision making. and as Stephan, how smooth he was on top of his intellect he’d have to be unstoppable..

    Kratos – if u played his games u understand… and i dont think he’d just sit tight while aliens were coming to invade earth..

    Dovahkiin – !!!


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