Xenoblade Chronicles X Review: Famitsu Awards It An 8.5 Out of 10

Famitsu awards the game a respectable 34/40.

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Xenoblade Chronicles X Doll

Although Xenoblade Chronicles X still has an unspecified and nebulous 2015 release date over in the west, in Japan, it releases this month. This means that Japanese media has already started to review the game, chief among them being Japanese magazine Famitsu, which has awarded the game scores of 9, 9, 8, and 8, for a total of 34/40 (translating to 8.5/10).

This might seem to be a lower score than expected from one of the most massively hyped games of the year, but there are several things to consider- Famitsu’s scores over the last few years have grown increasingly meaningless and random, and there is also the fact that they have almost never reflected popular western reception of a game either. For instance, consider that Demon’s Souls or the original Xenoblade Chronicles both got average reviews in Famitsu- and then contrast that with their reception over here, in the west.

Whether or not Xenoblade Chronicles X is another game in that line of games with differing western and Japanese reception, remains to be seen. But in the meanwhile, it’s not like 8.5/10 is a score to scoff at.

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  • OniLink97

    Err, Xenoblade Chronicles got 36/40 in famitsu. That isn’t average.

  • Kaihaku

    Huh, that’s much lower than I expected… Now I’m curious and want to read their review.

    • Xeon2

      Here you go,

      9 / An intricate and involved story, tough difficulty that will give you a solid challenge, and a system with high usability make this a wonderfully old-school RPG in the best sense of the term. The massive open world is crammed with countless stories, and giving them all their due takes time and hard work. The Dolls that you can pilot offer dynamic control, transformations and a rich variety of customization; enough to send any robo-head into a tizzy. There’s so much to do that it can be overwhelming at times, but it also feels very substantial.

      9 / Adventuring seamlessly across the vast, liberating world is a lot of fun, and the massive native creatures also provide plenty of thrills. The skip travel function that allows you to move around by touching the map is really convenient, and adventuring remains stress free. There is also a wealth of elements relating to combat and tactics and, while a little complicated, the unique systems are good fun, such as the “Soul Voices” that activate under certain conditions. There’s plenty of other stuff to enjoy as well, including arts, skills and Dolls, providing a wealth of tactics and customization.

      8 / A massive title perfectly suited to the word “epic.” The vast game world is beautiful, with vistas changing come day or night, providing an endless source of excitement. The explanation of the world is handled with care, but movies break the action up again and again, slowing down the pacing, which is a bit of a shame. The tempo of the conversations could have done with being a bit faster, too. In terms of battle, it’s great that you can really go on the offensive once you have the system down. The enemies, Dolls and attacks launched from custom parts are all very appealing too.

      8 / There’s zero stress in adventuring across the open world, which can be traversed seamlessly, and there are also many elements that take advantage of the size of the map, making moving around and exploring a lot of fun. Battle has a great tempo, combining an action game with command inputs, and is very strategic too. The story is told with care, and you want to find out what happens next, but it also gives you a strong feeling of just sitting there watching movies. Furthermore, a lot of details about the game system are left unexplained, leaving me with an impression of having to blindly stumble through things myself.

      Issues actually mentioned are pretty minor when I look at them and what people were afraid about in regards to story and this game. Glad to see that the story according them to them is quite engrossing.


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