“You Mix Stuff Together and Cool Happens” in Crackdown for Xbox One

This is literally all the information we have on the game so far.

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Microsoft went on sort of a roll last E3 when they announced multiple new exclusive games for the Xbox One coming up, all being developed in house, all presumably meant to counter the perception that Microsoft’s anemic first party can not provide enough compelling exclusive content for their platform.

A lot of old IPs were announced to be getting new entries, and one of them was Crackdown, which, we were told, would be getting a brand new Xbox One game, somehow taking advantage of the power of the cloud, and… well, that’s all we’ve known.

Ken Lobb recently shed more light on the game in his recent interview with The Inner Circle. That is, assuming, you count one sentence about it as shedding more light. Here is what he said:

“You Mix Stuff together and Cool Happens.” Yep, that’s it. He confirmed it’s coming along well, and things in that game blow up ‘really good,’ but that’s it.

… fine, I’ll take it.

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  • d0x360

    Crackdown is probably the single most hyped game for me right now and not because of the game. Crackdown is doing something new with cloud computing and I’m really excited to see it running in the real world on not as a tech demo on stage. If it works gaming could change forever, if it doesn’t then I’ll have to eat some hay or something because ive dialed back my general skeptical nature on new technology for this one. It’s an exciting new step for PC and consoles so I really hope it works as all gamers stand to benefit greatly from it

    • Mark

      Precise point; “All gamers stand to benefit greatly”. Booyah. Why wouldn’t we all WANT this to blow up?! Can’t wait, probably 2016 tho.

    • You are so correct. But don’t feel ashamed for supporting the paradigm shift. You need people to be the forerunners. It takes more risk to do so. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Henry Ford all represent forerunners. And right now, the idea of processing graphics and games in the cloud is an idea that is taking shape. We should be praising these innovators for at least TRYING.

      I will tell you this; Nvidia, AMD, and Intel have all been working on technology to allow their graphics cards to work on servers so that each user’s interface has intense graphics on their station. Keep the faith. The empire of cloud gaming is going to happen. The question is only when (not “if”).


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