15 Most Difficult Video Game Endings to Unlock

Find out which are the toughest happy (and even sad) endings to unlock.

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When you love a game and want the best possible ending, you might embark on an obsessive quest to do everything to unlock it. Some games know this and purposefully make it tougher to unlock that “true” ending, whether it’s by collecting things, achieving certain tasks or giving you near-impossible tasks. Let’s take a look at the 15 most difficult endings to unlock in video games.

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The Dream Project – Chrono Trigger

Keep in mind that The Dream Project isn’t the true ending to Chrono Trigger nor unlocked through 100 percent completion. However, it is considered the most difficult and requires you to either beat Lavos in the beginning (where only Chrono and maybe Marle can be used) or against a powered-up Lavos in the Ocean Palace. Of course, this ending is the coolest since it lets you meet all the members of the development team.

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