15 Most Violent video games that made you puke!

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Violence has been a long companion of video games. From decapitating to burning humans alive, we have witnessed it all. Through this short feature we take a look at some of the video games that made every strand of your hair to stand, due to the sheer amount of violence present. We present to you the 15 Most Violent video games that made you puke!

Note: The listing is totally random and is not based on any kind of ranking. It’s a very high possibility that I may have missed some of your favourite games, but you can always list them out in the comments section.

1. Soldier of Fortune 2

Soldier of Fortune 2 was released way back in 2002, but for its time it has to be the most violent game. You can simple tear 0ff, chop off and do any damn thing with your victims. Watch the video below to get an idea what I am talking about.

Update: This video is no longer available.

2.  Fallout 3

One of the best role playing games of 2008, was also one of the most bloodiest games. Using the unique VAT system, with the help of which you can decide which part of the body of your enemy you want to blow up, Fallout 3 was an easy choice for us.

3. Shadow of Rome

Released exclusively for the PlayStation 2, in Shadow of Rome your aim is to master the art of a Gladiator. As expected there are a hell lot of arena battles in the game along with using human arm and legs as weapons.

4. God of War 3

For getting a pair of shoes, “normal” human beins like you and me go to a shop and buy one. But Mr. Kratos has his own ways. He chops off Hermes limbs just to get his pair of magical shoes. Video is below.

Update: This video is no longer available.

5. Heavy Rain

Well this isn’t exactly bloodiest, but its very disturbing. How far will you go to save someone you love? Will you chop your own finger?

6. Silent Hill: Homecoming

Having hated his father all his life, the protagonist finally makes peace with him. But the moment is spoiled when Pyramid head splits his father in to two.

7. Dead Space

Believe me or not, getting decimated in to little pieces by an Alien is not a cool thing. Don’t believe me? See the video below.

Update: This video is no longer available.

8. Thrill Kill

Thrill Kill is a 1998 cancelled fighting game which is set in the urban version of hell. This has to be the most violent fighting game around and it even makes Mortal Kombat “less” violent . Take a look at the video.

Update: This video is no longer available.

9. Dead Rising

Ever thought of a scenario where you have hundreds of thousands of zombies around you? Well Capcom’s Dead Rising gave you that scenario and along with it the possibility of killing a zombie with whatever object possible. Kill them by a katana or shred them to pieces using chain saw or what about just running a truck over them?

Update: This video is no longer available.

10.  Dark Sector

Playing as a mutated guy is pretty cool. But what made Dark Sector a good game was the unique use of the glaive. Check out the various brutal kills that were made possible by the glaive.

Update: This video is no longer available.

11. Blood Rayne 2

What about killing your foes but in a sense of style? Like say chopping them through an exhaust fan or wait! May be make an entire buidling fall upon them! Now that’s death in some style.

12. Manhunt

Perhaps one of the most controversial games of all time, it was impossible for me not to list this game. This game defines the term brutality and the ways in which the player can execute the enemies will make you puke!

13. Postal 2

Postal is a game made by Running With Scissors in 1997.  The game’s name may sound non violent, but it has insane depiction of violence where the player can first cut its victims in to pieces and then kick them like a football.

Update: This video is no longer available.

14. BloodStorm

Just like Dead Space, BloodStorm features some spine chilling deaths in one of the best games in the last decade. Check them out below.

Update: This video is no longer available.

15. MadWorld

Dont go by its silhouette like visuals, MadWorld is as violent as any of the games listed in this article. Featuring kills with poles, chainsaw and splitting peeps with your bare hands, MadWorld is one violent game on the family friendly console: Wii.

Honorable Mention

  • Gears of War 2
  • Mortal Kombat series
  • Ninja Gaiden 2
  • No More Heroes
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