God of War 3 is the People’s Game of the Year 2010

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On the 10th of January, we finally closed down the voting for our people’s choice and as you may have already knew the obvious that Santa Monica’s latest is your Game of the Year 2010. But there are other 50 odd categories to check out. So let’s get started on those:

  • Best Sequel: God of War 3
  • Best Protagonist Male: Ezio from Assassins Creed Brotherhood
  • Best Antagonist Male: Zeus from God of War 3
  • Best Protagonist Female: Miranda from Mass Effect 2
  • Best Antagonist Female: Lucrezia Borgia from Assassins Creed Brotherhood
  • Best Couple/Duo: Ethan Mars and Madison Paige
  • Most Underachieved Game:  Gran Turismo 5
  • Most Overachieved Game: Bayonetta
  • Most Underrated Game: Castlevania Lords of the Shadow
  • Most Overrated Game: Final Fantasy XIII
  • Worst Game of the Year: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
  • Best Innovation of the Year: Heavy Rain Totally based on QTE
  • Best Downloadable Content: Red Dead Redemption Unreal Nightmare
  • Best Environments/Art: Assassins Creed Brotherhood
  • Best Beta: Killzone 3
  • Most Memorable Moment: Kratos Ripping off Helios’s Head
  • Best Boss Fights: God of War 3
  • Most Difficult Game: Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker
  • Best Role Playing Game: Mass Effect 2
  • Best First Person Shooter: Call of Duty Black Ops
  • Best Third Person Shooter:  Vanquish
  • Best Action Adventure Game: God of War 3
  • Best Sports Game: FIFA 11
  • Best Racing Game: Gran Turismo 5
  • Best Open Sandbox Game: Red Dead Redemption
  • Best Survival Horror Game: Alan Wake
  • Best Rhythm Music Game: Rock Band 3
  • Best Multiplayer Game: MAG
  • Best Platformer: Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • Best Strategy Game: Starcraft 2
  • Best Fighting Game: Super Street Fighter IV
  • Best Indie Game: Limbo
  • Best Developer: Bioware
  • Best Publisher: EA
  • Best Thing to Happen in 2010 for Video Games: The Awesomeness that is Kevin Butler
  • Best Graphics: God of War 3
  • Best Sound: God of War 3
  • Best Voice Acting: Heavy Rain
  • Best Story: Heavy Rain
  • Best Motion Capture: Heavy Rain
  • Best Lip Syncing: Heavy Rain
  • Best Cutscenes: God of War 3
  • PlayStation 3 Game of the Year: God of War 3
  • Xbox 360 Game of the Year: Mass Effect 2
  • PSP Game of the Year: God of War Ghost of Sparta
  • PC Game of the Year: Starcraft 2
  • Wii Game of the Year: Super Mario Galaxy 2
  • DS Game of the Year: Pokemon Heart Gold/ Soul Silver
  • Multiplatform Game of the Year: Red Dead Redemption
  • Best PSN Game: Dead Nation
  • Best XBL Game: Limbo
  • Best Wiiware: Mega Man 10
  • Best Move Game: Sports Champions
  • Best Kinect Game: Kinect Sports
  • Game of the Year 2010: God of War 3
  • Most Anticipated Game of 2011: Batman Arkham City

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