Halo Infinite Armor Coatings Will Cost $5 – Report

343 Industries has yet to officially clarify how much coatings will cost.

343 Industries delayed Halo Infinite into 2021, causing it to miss the launch of the Xbox Series X/S. But the product tie-ins are very much in place, first with Monster Energy Drink and more recently with Oreos. While purchasing the latter is confirmed to provide the Monarch armor coating for multiplayer, the actual in-game value seems to be $5.

This is according to a tweet by Sean W, who attached an image of the product that states, “Here is your code to unlock your Halo Infinite in-game content. This code will unlock (1) Monarch Armor Coating valued at $5.” 343 Industries hasn’t responded to this but it did address the coatings system yesterday, noting that they could be unlocked through gameplay.

There will still be purchases but again, what will be included to earn in-game and available for real money has yet to be revealed. With Halo Infinite’s multiplayer being free to play, it’s unsurprising that 343 Industries is pursuing additional monetization. But for Halo fans used to seeing basic armor colors unlockable in-game, this may come as a shock.

Regardless, more information is still needed so stay tuned in the coming days.