Metro Exodus: Sam’s Story DLC Guide – All Suit Upgrades And Weapon Upgrade Parts Locations

Suit up and gear up for the best chance of survival in the new DLC.

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Metro Exodus - Sam's Story

In the Metro Exodus DLC, Sam’s Story, upgrading your suit is key since it allows for carrying more ammo and items while also having substantial damage resistance. The kicker is that upgrades can only be found in Night Hunter stashes, which require some digging around to find them. Don’t worry though – we’ll tell you where to find each one.

First are the Night Vision Goggles. Head southeast of the Submarine to the two-story building marked with with a “?”. Upon docking to it, scour the location’s second floor until you find a zombie mutant carrying the Night Vision Goggles. Relieve the zombie mutant of said goggles. To get the NVG amplifier, you’ll need to go southeast of the scout outpost to a lair infested with mutants. It’s found in the back room.

Next is the Throwing Weapons Harness, which can be found in the same location as the Night Vision Goggles. Look around the second story around the wooden bridge, then drop down from here to find the harness in a hidden path. Now it’s time to head to the apartment opposite of this location, to the third floor. This is where the Captain is being held by mutants. Look around for an apartment with a workbench that has a balcony, which leads to a kitchen. Head into the kitchen and destroy the left shelf (the one with the glassware) to find the Battery Upgrade.

The Reinforced Helmet is found in the Captain’s back-up base. It’s in a locked room on the above floor but if you travel to the apartment nearby, locate a barricade that was constructed from a painting and bash through, you can access it. Next are Ammo Pouches. Head to the outpost in the southern part of the map. You’ll find a safe house here and also a bridge that leads into a three-story complex. Go up and meet the scouts. As you tour the area, the pouches should be on a table.

The Armored Glass, which helps reinforce your gas mask, is found in the Naval HQ. Look for the room with a workbench where the Zap Spider makes its first appearance. The Extended Filter is found in the Fire Department’s armory – after donning the radiation suits, just head upstairs. Finally, for the Consumables Carrier, go to the bandit camp at the Unfinished Construction Site. This is a location in the southern part in the center. Upon reaching the site, head into the first floor of the building on your right and look for three switches in an offices. Activate the middle one first, followed by the right and then the left to find the carrier.

Weapon Upgrade Locations

Next to suit upgrades, the Sammy Assault Rifle and Stallion Pistol will be your best friends throughout the DLC. They can be customized in numerous ways to hold more ammo, change firing types and much more. The best part is that several parts will be located together and within areas with suit upgrades.

For the Sammy Assault Rifle, you’ll want to check around the outpost with the Night Vision Goggles. From the wooden walkway, drop down and find a stairwell. There will be a locked room that has the Burst Fire System (Barrel). The Standard Magazine is also located here. For the Semi-Automatic System (Barrel), you’ll need to go the south map’s center and navigate a building filled with traps. Walk through the area carefully and look for a rope ladder that leads into the mine workshop. Move through the hallway and you’ll find a room with the barrel inside.

There’s a bandit camp in the southern part of the map that used to be a police station. Head there and look for a boat on the dock. Board it and you’ll find the Heavy Stock and High Capacity Magazine on a corpse. The final upgrade, the Sniper Stock, is found once Klim’s rebellion begins in the room with a workbench. Just look for the rifle poking out from the corner in the room.

As for the Stallion Pistol, its first part, the Balanced Grip, can be found in the Captain’s back-up base. Remember where you find the Reinforced Helmet? The grip is on the bed in the same room, tugged snugly under a pillow. The Short Barrel and Suppressor and Reflex Sight can also be found on the same weapon.

The Heavy Grip, Closed Reflex Sight, Extended Magazine, Green Laser and Long Barrel With Full Auto parts are all located in the same place where you find the Consumables Carrier upgrade. There will be a cache with all of the parts so look out for it. Finally, the High-Capacity Magazine can be found in the same mutant lair with the NVG Amplifier.

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