Spyro the Dragon Twitter Account Activity Fuels Spyro Remaster Rumors

More evidence about Spyro is always fine by me!

Rumors that a remaster of the PS1 Spyro the Dragon trilogy might be coming, in the same vein as the Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy release for the PS4 last year, have been picking up of late- reports broke out about this happening this year last month, Activision themselves indicated they are remastering one of their older IPs this year last week, and now we have this.

Apparently, a new Spyro the Dragon account has gone up on Twitter; the account itself is currently locked (so no one can follow or view it right now), but apparently, it is associated with an email that belongs to Activision- which lends, yet again, credence to the notion that a Spyro remaster release is inbound.

If the reports are accurate, the remaster will be for the PS1 trilogy, and will launch on PS4 first, before launching on PC and Nintendo Switch a year later- but, remember, this is all speculation for now. It’s substantiated speculation, but it is still not official. Hopefully this E3 will reveal more about this..

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