Ten Protagonists That Make No Sense At All

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Whether it be failed realism, sci-fi or fantasy, we see a tonne of strange characters show up in gaming. Though their various eccentricities often seem to work in their favour within their various worlds and universes, we have to wonder whether they would be able to exist within the real world. For those who care to ponder such trivial matters, here’s a run down of ten protagonists who’s very existence makes no sense.


I can’t claim to know much about the plumbing industry, but it seems like a very specific skill set. It may well be applicable to other occupations within the maintenance industry, but I certainly doubt a plumber’s training would come in handy when it comes to risky search and rescue missions. The whole scenario is ridiculous come to think of it. Doesn’t the mushroom kingdom have some kind of army they could send after their princess? Apparently not, so they send a plumber instead. Try and imagine that happening in our current political climate.

Yuna in Final Fantasy X-2

The loss of a loved one can be a traumatic experience indeed, but Yuna’s reaction to Tidus’ disappearance at the end of Final Fantasy X fails to justify her stupefying character change for her appearance in X-2. Once a shy young woman born of a famous summoning lineage, Yuna becomes a dual pistol wielding, ballad singing treasure hunter in X-2. What the hell? How does someone change that much in so little time. If that kind of thing happened in real life, the person would probably have multiple personality disorder, or some form of mental disturbance that would need some serious counselling.


Pac-Man is a game that is entirely about speed. If you don’t get away from those ghosts quick enough, you’re pretty screwed. How then does Pac-Man move so damn fast along the level? He’s got no legs! Or arms for that matter. Does he just float around and hope for the best? Maybe he takes advantage of a multitude of wind currents that he uses to manoeuvre around each level? Ghosts are a different matter, being so unrealistic that they can justify doing almost anything. A floating yellow face on the other hand, is a practical impossibility.

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