The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

Everything you need to know about The Legend of Heroes Trails of Cold Steel 2.

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 2 Wiki – Everything You Need To Know About The Game

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II

Xseed Games

Nihon Falcom


Genre:Role Playing

Release Date:2018

Finally coming to PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows sometime in 2018, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II first launched way back in 2014 on the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3. It’s a turn based JRPG and exactly what you expect it to be from that genre.

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There isn’t any solid sources of information on the development of the new PS4 and PC port of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II. It can only be assumed that the PS4 and PC versions were fairly simple ports, farmed out to an outside studio to do the conversion.

Developed originally by Nihon Falcom and released on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita  back in 2014, Xseed Games would translate the title, the act of localization itself, including adding nearly 11,000 lines of dialog that would itself take about a year, and publish it in North American territories for release on the same platforms two years later. NIS America would perform the same for EU regions.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II picks up about a month after the events of the first game, with protagonist Rean escaping from Divine Knight, Valimar and waking up alone lost in the mountains. He makes his way to Ymir, hoping to reunite with his friends within Class VII, the rest of Thors Military Academy and continue the fight against the Nobel Alliance and end the civil war.

The story of the game is focused more on traveling around the world as you hope to reunite your allies, and players explore many locations through the game world both returning from Cold Steel 1 and brand new. New traversal methods become available like horseback or the Airship, the Courageous.


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel II has a similar set of gameplay systems to the first title in the series, however it drops the Persona reminiscent, school schedule system from the first game altogether. Instead players will advance by exploring the world, recruiting new characters as they find them.

Players command a party of up to five characters in box standard Japanese Role Playing Game turn based combat. Outside of battle you can customize your party’s gear, including different gems which alter your abilities and stats. Battles progress in a turn based fashion, where selected attacks can attack one or more enemies, which may or may not use MP. Specific conditions can result in chain attacks with other allies in your party, all with various effects. Successfully completing battles will earn EXP which will level up your party.

Save files from the original release are said to be combatible, if fans wish to upgrade. Saves from the preceding title can also be loaded to allow the game to reference relationships and decisions players made in that title.

When not in battle, players explore the field and towns in segments. The player can participate in mini games found throughout the field with a variety of bonuses to completion, usually money.


There’s way more characters in the game than we can possibly go over in a single space, but we’ll run down some core members of both Class VII and the Noble Alliance.

The player character and lead protagonist for this title is Rean Schwarzer, who acts somewhat as a de facto leader of Class VII of Thors Military Academy. Raised as a noble, he has a knack for finding common ground with almost everyone. He’s a positive person who can’t leave someone who needs help. He’s a powerful swordsman in his own right, and displays abnormally good instincts in battle. The player will have the chance to grow his relationships with any of the other major characters during limited periods of free time.

Alisa Reinford is the daughter of the president to the influential Reinford Group industrial enterprises. Her fiery temper often gets the better of her, and she’ll keep grudges over the smallest of things, but has a strong moral compass that helps guide her and her allies.

Emma Millstein is the class president of Class VII, a kind girl who’s quick to befriend those around her, Emma isn’t known for being involved in arguments. She’s recently been revealed as a Witch of the Hexen Clan, and feels some guilt over hiding this during the previous game.

Her vice president is a serious young man by the name of Machias Regnitz. He’s incredibly hostile towards the nobles who cling to their traditions, but eventually chills out a bit towards those within Class VII whom he’s learned to trust.

Elliot Craig is the timid son of one of the most renowned Imperial generals. While he would rather be a musician and is something of a pacifist, he’ll pull it out when the chips are down. He was Rean’s first friend at Thors Military Academy, which he only joined because his father left him few other options.

Heiress to the legendary Arseid family, Laura S. Arseid is the constantly composed powerhouse of Class VII, who trains endlessly to better herself. Though she can seem a bit cold, she’s very loyal.

Millium Orion is a friendly girl with a cheerful personality who can never quite sit still. The battle instructor and homeroom teacher for Class VII joins the crew as well. Sara Valestein, the “Purple Lightning” is known as the youngest Bracer to reach her high A-Rank. The Noble Alliance is the antagonistic faction that Class VII hopes to stop from removing Giliath Osborne from his seat and forcing the empire back to a time where noble blood was all that mattered. The supreme leader of the Noble Alliance, Duke Cayenne is the highest ranking noble within the order, in control of the Lamarre province. A pompous man who believes fully that his blood grants him a rule by birthright, he reflects this by making others do his dirty work.

His governor, General, Rufus Albarea is a poised young man from the Albarea house. He carries himself well and always seems capable of getting close to those in power. He presents as a well-brought up, patient man who always thinks his next move through, but through such elaborate scheming no one can say what his true allegiance is.

A mysterious, detached girl named Altina Orion is another key member who goes by the codename of “Black Rabbit”. Her exact connection to Millium Orion is unknown, but their surnames definitely  suggest that there is one. She carries herself in a more mature, emotionless fashion, and also seems to have her own agenda to pursue.

Note: This wiki will be updated once we have more information about the game.

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