Xbox Scarlett CPU Will Ensure No Compromises With Framerate – Microsoft

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg says, "We can do 4K but we can also do 120 frames per second."

Both Microsoft and Sony are locked in a battle, as it were, to hype up their next-gen platforms before officially showcasing them. We’ve heard plenty about the PS5’s support for hardware-based ray tracing and changes to installing games. Microsoft, in turn, promises that 4K resolution at 120 frames per second will possible for Xbox Scarlett.

Speaking to Xbox Official Magazine, GM of marketing for Xbox games Aaron Greenberg talked about how upgrades to the CPU will ensure no compromises with regards to framerates. “But, with the next-gen, I think you’ll see a big upgrade in CPU, because we really want to make sure that you don’t have any compromises with the framerates. Yes, we can do 4K, but we can also do 120 frames per second. So I think that type of capability will be something that people don’t see today.”

We know that the Xbox Scarlett will utilize an AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU, just like the PS5. Both consoles will be capable of a max output resolution of 8K and a max framerate of 120fps. The question is whether they can offer all of this, and supposedly more, for a decent price point. Both consoles are out in Holiday 2020 so it will be sometime before we find out. But stay tuned in the meantime.