Dev: It Takes 2-3 Months Just To Add Trophies For PS2 Emulation, Comments On Trophy Progression Tracker

Senior Technical Project Manager PlayStation on trophy support for PS2/PS4 games.

Tim Lindquist who is a Senior Technical Project Manager PlayStation, revealed a few interesting tid bits about how PS2 emulation works on the PS4. If you are not aware already, Sony is asking players which PS2 game they want to see on the PlayStation 4, so it seems that Sony is at least serious about making the emulation a success on its console.

But making older games work on newer technology is not an easy task, says Lindquist. He revealed that even the simplest sounding trophies can be hard to program for and just deciding the trophy list takes around 1-2 weeks. But the actual programming takes a month, not to mention testing and QA analysis which takes another 1-2 months depending on the length of the game. Overall, we are looking at 2-3 months just to implement trophies in the emulated game! But which games has so far proven to be more challenging than the others? Lindquist revealed that one of the games was Dark Cloud given the complex calculations they had to do in order to implement it. Mark of Kri’s Complete a level without dying was a trophy that was lot harder to implement too, says Tim.

And what about a progression tracker for trophies on the PlayStation 4? Lindquist apparently loved that suggestion but whether it will be implemented is something that remains to be seen. Finally, Tim revealed that players should expected new emulated releases “regularly”.