Mario Strikers: Battle League Trailers Showcase Hyper Strikes, Gear Customization, and More

Developed by Next Level Games, the arcade-style football title releases on June 10th for Nintendo Switch and features 10 playable characters.

Next Level Games’ Mario Strikers: Battle League is just a few weeks away so naturally, Nintendo has released four short new trailers. Two of them are a mix of gameplay and cinematics with both teams duking it out for glory, relying on skill and a fair amount of physicality. Check them all out below.

One of the trailers showcases the anime-esque Hyper Strikes – super-powerful shots which are all but guaranteed to score. Another is about Gear Customization. Along with changing the look of certain characters like Peach, they also provide increases to stats like Strength, Speed, Shooting, Passing and Technique. Obviously you’ll need to min-max based on your preferred style.

Releasing on June 10th, Mario Strikers: Battle League will have 10 playable characters at launch (with potentially more coming in the future, if past Mario sports titles are any indication). For more details on the different modes and overall gameplay, check out the overview trailer here.