PS4 Exclusive Dreams May Potentially Allow Players To Create And Sell PSN Games

"That's not really something we're talking about at the beginning- but it's one of the long term goals in my mind."

Media Molecule has been a pioneer of user generated content on console games for a very long time now- long before Minecraft and Super Mario MakerLittleBigPlanet was allowing users to create their own platformer levels. Their new game, Dreams, looks even more ambitious, letting players create entire spaces and games using full fledged tools.

Apparently, there may even be a potential one day for players to sell their Dreams creations as PSN games. Speaking to the EDGE in their March issue (316), Media Molecule’s Mark Healey talked about the prospect of one day letting users sell their creations- which is not something the game will support upfront, but is still something that may happen in the future.

“Potentially, in [the] future, some people could use [Dreams] to make a PSN game, for example. That’s not really something we’re talking about at the beginning- but it’s one of the long term goals in my mind. The problem arises with making sure that everyone who contributed to the game gets credited properly, so there are some sticky areas to tackle there.”

Hopefully, this is something Media Molecule and Sony iron out, however- a generation of budding indie game designers could get their first exposure to development on PlayStation, developing an affinity to the brand that is sure to be helpful for Sony in the long run. You can check out the story for Dreams, and get more information on the game, in EDGE’s March issue. You can subscribe to the latest EDGE Magazine over here.