Outlast 2 Adds New Story Mode, 66 Percent Discount on Steam

New difficulty option coincides with recent Nintendo Switch release.

Red Barrels’ Outlast 2 sort of slipped under the radar last year when it released for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. It’s getting a second chance with the recent release on Nintendo Switch but to further attract new players, the developer has added a new Story Mode function. No, this isn’t a missing feature. Instead, it’s an easier way to play through the story with less challenges and fewer enemies.

Whatever enemies you do encounter have lower speed, damage output and perception. Other tweaks have been made to allow players to explore their surroundings more rather than constantly rushing through from being chased. If that weren’t enough, some content that was removed to ensure an M rating has been added back in.

The developer notes that they’re not drastic and don’t affect gameplay. Then again, if they were removed to prevent an Adult Only rating, why are they suddenly allowed? Anyway, if you haven’t tried Outlast 2, you can pick up the PC version on Steam for a 66 percent discount.