Resident Evil 6 HD Remaster Review – Not Worth The Replay Value

After all is said and done, Resident Evil 6's re-release is still a bit of a letdown.

Here we go again. Capcom are back at it once more with what feels like a weekly Resident Evil HD remaster. But if it’s making them money, then why the hell not? For those who played the original release of Resident Evil 6 way back in 2012 and hated it, well, you’ll still hate it. For those who loved it, there are a few extra perks in it for you as well.

What doesn’t make much sense is releasing the Resident Evil games in reverse order. If new people want to get into the series on this generation of platforms, they’ve likely played the original Resident Evil, followed up by Resident Evil 0; which is fine since those were released backwards to begin with. But then they have to go to Resident Evil 6, then 5, then 4? I’m not sure what Capcom was thinking. It’s an awfully strange move.

This HD version of Resident Evil 6 has been brought to high definition and is running smoothly across PS4 and Xbox One in 1080p 60FPS; which is a bit of a surprise as Capcom have locked the previous remasters at 30FPS. Originally running at 30FPS on PS3 and Xbox 360, Resident Evil 6‘s framerate can finally keep up with the massive explosions, numerous enemies, and ballistic gunplay without even batting an eye. Though there are moments when the Xbox One version can dip by a bit, it’s of little consequence as it is extremely rare and hard to pick up in the middle of balls of fire spewing out everywhere.

"The campaign is often a mixed bag of uneven parts. This multiple, nonlinear story is often paced very oddly."

Again, if you’ve played this game before you’ll still find the same story, same enemy types, same gameplay as before, and same fan favorite playable characters. This time, however, you will find (besides the well rendered fluidity of the action) better lighting, smoother gameplay and a less pixilated appearance within the entire mainstay. The graphics, by today’s standards still hold up remarkably well. Though to be fair, 2012 was the near-end of the last console generation and console graphics had gone leaps and bounds heading into the current gen.

One of the biggest problems in the original was the use of quick time events (QTE) that often hindered the gameplay and made it very awkward. Those have been cleared up within this version and have been made completely optional from the start. Though, I am actually a big fan of QTE myself, I fully understand some people’s disdain for such gameplay mechanics.

Playing as each of the many different characters will allow you to experience many different main story campaigns, and not just from different angles. These stories each have their own enemy types, battles, story, characters, and bosses.

Character controls for Resident Evil 6 are much smoother than any previous game in the series. Several take-down options occur when fighting enemies, more than ever before. Killing a monster has never been more satisfying in a Resident Evil game than it is in this one.

"After all is said and done, Resident Evil 6’s re-release is still just as bit of a letdown and just as exciting as the original."

Why do so many people dislike Resident Evil 6? The campaign is often a mixed bag of uneven parts. This multiple, nonlinear story is often paced very oddly. From going through a nice quiet building, to jumping headlong into a battle then out of no where a QTE pops out. But that’s only a small bit of the strangely built campaign within the game. As for being classified as a “survival horror,” this game is more of an action packed adventure that really leaves little to the imagination. It rarely scares and that led people wondering why Capcom left the roots of the genre behind. Sadly, that’s all the same in the HD version as well. Nothing untouched, just slight improvements here and there.

For just around $20, Resident Evil 6 features all of the DLC from the original release and comes with a lot of content. A cool Cycle Mode is a game type that actually cycles from game to game. “Players from all over the world will be in this mode, so it will be easy to find other players,” reads the description. Agent Hunt allows you to join another player’s game as a creature. The Mercenaries mode has you killing as many enemies as possible within a time limit. Several other game modes, such as Predator, Siege, Onslaught, and Survivors are also playable or can be tried through Cycle Mode if you just can’t make up your mind and you want the game to choose for you.

After all is said and done, Resident Evil 6’s re-release is still a bit of a letdown and just as exciting as the original. Why are Capcom bringing them out in reverse order? Who knows? But if you loved the original version, you’re bound to fall back in love with this one. With all the content and DLC, it’s an inexpensive way to have a really long game for not a lot of money. For those who didn’t like it the first time, there is really no need to go back and try it again. There isn’t enough changed for you to retread old paths.

This game was reviewed on the Xbox One.


Solid framerate and crisp 1080p graphics all around. All DLC is included at a reasonable price.


Game is still not as engaging as past Resident Evil experiences. There's not much difference between the original version and this one.

Final Verdict

If you have yet to play Resident Evil 6, now is the time to do so. If you have already played it and didn't like it much, this version will not change your mind.

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