Anthem Demo Progress Won’t Transfer to Full Game, PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold Required

BioWare execs hand out some useful info on the upcoming demo.

It feels like only yesterday that Electronic Arts properly revealed BioWare’s Anthem for all the world to see. We’re currently 10 days away from the VIP access demo that will be available to EA/Origin Access subscribers and those with pre-orders. Even if you’re partaking in the demo that’s available for everyone on February 1st, keep in mind that progress won’t transfer over to the full game, as per lead producer Ben Irving on Twitter.

UXR producer Derek French also confirmed that PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold would be required for the demo and full game on PS4 and Xbox One respectively. Players looking forward to breaking the demo should also note that it might not be that tough of a task.

Lead producer Michael Gamble told a fan on Twitter, “You’ll find a way to break it. The demo isn’t as stable as the main game, since it had to be finished a month before.” Gamble did confirm several days ago that the demo represents a “specific build” of the demo and that it contains minor things that would be fixed in the main game.

Anthem is out on February 22nd for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Origin Access Premier subscribers can play it early on PC by paying $14.99 per month. In related news, gameplay of the Preventive Precautions mission was recently made available courtesy of several content creators – head here to view it.