Life is Strange 2 Takes Your Choices in the First Game Into Account

It seems like your choices in Arcadia Bay will come back to haunt you in Life is Strange 2.

We already know that Life is Strange 2 is a completely new story, focusing on brand new characters- but even so, it seems like it may still take the various choices you took in the original game into account. Reddit user o0Baconer0o learned this while datamining the files for The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, a one hour prequel to Life is Strange 2 that was released during E3, for absolutely no cost.

While it is unclear how choices from the first game could actually come into play in the new game if the new game is an altogether new story, there is one choice in particular that I think could actually come up during the new game, since it involves the fate of a pretty big chunk of people all at once- if you’ve played the original game, you know what I am talking about already. If you haven’t, I’m not about to spoil it for you. Go play Life is Strange right now.

Life is Strange 2 launches this September for PS4, Xbox One, and PC- at least, the first episode does. You can go and pre-order it on your platform of choice right now.