10 Free to Play Shooters To Look Forward To

Any adult gamer you come across is likely to have an offensive and possibly misplaced level of nostalgia for the gaming experiences of their childhood. Part of this is due to just how quickly the games industry has developed over the past two decades, the other part being a weird cultural fetish for previous generations mixed with the modern phenomenon of young adults who refuse to grow up. Outside of my usually obscure opinions on society, we’ll be focusing here on the changes within the gaming industry.

Of all the changes our industry has undergone as of late, the free to play model is arguably the most exciting and helpful for the consumer. Offering free games with sustainable economies that are actually of a decent quality is an absolute revelation, and it’s a system that we hope will only go from strength to strength. It’s not all sunshine and roses mind, with plenty of games being priced as free for very obvious reasons.

For every one of these stinkers though, we have a League of Legends or Team Fortress 2, so with that in mind, here are the F2P shooters of the future that will hopefully be rocking your socks rather than your wallets.

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