Get to know GamingBolt’s staff – we’re awesome, after all. Here’s some info we think you should have on us.

Rashid Sayed

 Founder/Admin/Editor in Chief

Rashid was the guy who created and hired all the wonderful (and a bit deranged) people working here. He and his staff have been working hard to see GamingBolt through to the top for four years now, and it’s Rashid’s dream to see become the biggest gaming blog out there with features to boot that you will hardly find on any other site. Other than working hard to make his dream come true 36 hours a day, Rashid also enjoys playing games (duh). His favourite franchise is Metal Gear Solid, which was what basically got him into gaming. His obsession with Solid Snake and anything to do with the MGS franchise borders on insanity, but we know he means well, and he’d never (intentionally) kill someone over such issues.

Ravi Sinha

Senior Editor

Zelda lover. Goemon apologist. Pro-wrestling nut. Possible asylum escapee. Liked Nickelback before they became Nickelback and did their Nickelback thing. Goes around doing things with stuff at his disposable, hanging out long enough in a city until the locals start to know better. Better not seen but experienced, like a horror movie creature running up for an obvious hug. Loves gaming, even if it doesn’t love him back because you just make it work for the kids’ sake. Adventure, role-playing, first person shooters, Horde mode hybrids, Zombiecide, and anything that doesn’t raise doubts of indoctrination.

George Reith

 UK Editor

Of all the writers on Gamingbolt, George is the most likely to be high and mighty about the gaming industry. Seeing gaming as the truly underappreciated art form of our current culture, George spends the majority of his time talking smack about games with crappy stories and generally being cantankerous and cynical. He primarily writes lofty reviews handing out lethal punishments to anything derivative. George generally likes any game that could be considered underrated, is a belligerent lover of story driven titles and is likely to cut you with his sharp wit if you tell him you prefer the Call of Duty series to Halo.

Pramath Parijat

 USA Editor

Pramath is a bit of a gaming nut, with highly extreme opinions one way or the other- if he likes a game, he outright adores it, and if he dislikes it, he can get vitriolic towards it. Pramath started gaming, like many of us, with the original Super Mario Bros on the NES, and hasn’t looked back since. A self professed handheld gaming nut, Pramath’s favorite game franchise of all time is The Legend of Zelda- as a matter of personal security, do NOT criticize Zelda around him. He goes off like a loose canon if anyone but him does that.


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