10 Games That Never Get Included In Top 10 Lists

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Gaming journalism relies heavily on the top 10 list, and we seem to now have lists for just about every gaming category under the sun. Top 10 waterfalls, top 10 top 10 lists, top 10 most colourful games, top 10 games with the letter z in them etc. We literally cover everything in our lists, and we at Gamingbolt are no exception to this writing craze. With that in mind, we thought we’d bring you a list that covers the unsung heroes, those games so old, so obscure and/or so mediocre that no top 10 list dares put them in their ranks.

Any other obscure or otherwise forgotten titles that never appear in top 10 lists you can think of? Let us know about them in the comments section.

Despite garnering a large cult following and being hailed as a forward thinking masterpiece, 1992's Star Control 2 isn't exactly a name that is on the lips of the gaming populace. It has appeared in the odd greatest game list in years past, but not near enough considering how ahead of its time it is. The planet scanning and alien race relations are very close to Mass Effect's gameplay, yet Star Control 2 never gets the same level of recognition.

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  • Isa_Love_Anime

    OMG, I LOVED Sheep, Dog and Wolf for the Playstation 1. When I was little I used to call it the “Coyote game” (because I didn’t know much English), and it was amazing to see a Looney Toones game, which is something rare XD And despite being simple, it was REALLY fun to play, and the puzzles weren’t super easy. I mean, yeah, I was young, but some of them require a lot of thinking, trial and error. It was really awesome and satisfying to finally get those damn sheeps! xDD

  • Jirin

    Blast Chamber dude!

  • Amp3rage

    number 3, gregory horror show.. “…
    wonderful residents of Gregory House” so that’s what it’s like to be inside a brilliant doctor….

  • pcman

    What about the Neverhood? Now THAT is a strange, entertaining and difficult game that NEVER gets mentioned. Anywhere.

  • Absolutely worthy of inclusion on this list are two awesome PSOne
    titles, Tail of the Sun and Carnage Heart. These games were SO unique, SO
    different from the ordinary, which may have been why gamers have neglected them.

    Tail of the Sun was an open-world caveman simulator in which you gathered supplies
    for your tribe and for yourself, hunting and gathering during the day, sleeping
    at night, ever striving to increase your personal attributes while you fought
    off hostile animals and competing tribes of apes. As you progressed through the
    game, as you increased your intelligence and collected resources, your gains
    were inheritable in that, if you died, you continued your quest with another
    clan member. Your clan’s ultimate goal if, as a tribe, you survived to see it
    through to its finish, was to build a tower of mammoth tusks to the sun.

    Carnage Heart was sheer genius; a strategy game in which you not only assembled
    your own mech, choosing between either lightness, speed and high mobility or armor,
    firepower and limited mobility, but you also had to program your mech. The
    interface included dozens and dozens of partially pre-programmed “chips”
    that carried within them basic instructions — “turn left,” “turn
    right,” “scan” and so forth — that you were able to then tweak as
    you saw fit before inserting the chips that you’d selected into a “circuit
    board.” The circuit board controlled your mech’s behaviors using your programmed
    sequence of predetermined movement and action decision trees. You would then
    send your mech out into the game world; whether you progressed through the
    storyline depending entirely on how well you programmed your mech. As you
    advanced through the storyline, your mech’s A.I. also advanced as you, in the
    role of programmer, developed increasingly complex exploration and combat behaviors.


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