E3 2011: 10 Games that will drop your jaws

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With this year’s E3 only a few months away now, all of your favourite developers and publishers will be gearing up for unveiling their next big thing on the showroom floors. The question is, what kind of things will be showing up at E3 2011, and what announcements will be considered the biggest? Here is a short run down of expected and unexpected titles that could make your jaw drop at this year’s E3.

***Listing is not ranked.

10. Diablo 3

With eleven years since the previous Diablo, any footage and info of the third title will be worth checking out

This one has been in the running for a while now. With Activision Blizzard focused on other more lucrative prospects these days, they seem to have completely neglected Diablo 3 by delaying its release multiple times. Hopefully, they will make this up to series fans by showing of some more footage this June, as series fans have been left out in the cold for far too long. When they do, it will be awesome. Just take my word for it.

9. Fiv3

Heavy Rain pushed the boundaries of visuals and storytelling in gaming, and Fiv3 may well do the same

Not much is known about Fiv3 except for its title, which was trademarked by Sony and Quantic Dream very recently. Considering the pedigree it comes from though, if anything gets shown of Fiv3 at E3 it will definitely make its mark. With Quantic Dream constantly pushing the boundaries of gaming in terms of graphics and storytelling, it’s unlikely that Fiv3 will be anything but mind-blowing.

8. Max Payne 3

We're running out of patience Rockstar, give us more Max!

Yet another game that has seen a seemingly infinite amount of setbacks and delays. I certainly wouldn’t bet on seeing anything regarding Max Payne 3 at E3, but there’s a chance. Should said footage go out, it’s bound to be a breathtaking experience. Max Payne’s gritty, modern noire narratives have always scratched a certain itch that no other games can satisfy. Though it seems to be drastically altering some of the series’ mechanics, we’ll be happy to see more of Max Payne regardless. Bring it on Rockstar!

7. Hitman 5

With this being all we've seen so far, any proper footage of Hitman 5 will be appreciated

With the recent hints of a Hitman 5 lingering in the air, it seems probable that we’ll get some kind of announcement at E3 regarding the future of the series. Even if it’s just a little teaser trailer, it is bound to get fans excited. The Hitman series has always stood out in a sea of generic and thoughtless shooter titles. Just seeing the thinking man’s shooter back in action in any form will make this year’s E3 a very special event indeed.

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  • What about GTA:V??? I figure we will get at least some sort of teaser for it this year at E3.

  • m

    No BRINK? Modern Warfare 3 will ‘drop your jaws’ but brink wont?
    Lets see… Modern Warfare 3: Just Like The Other Three Which Were Just Like The Other Four will drop your jaws but a game that actually looks good and could actually be enjoyable wont?

    • Well if Brink wasn’t going to be released before E3 then you’d be right. But it is. You’re dumb.

  • I know that this “Listing is not ranked”… again, I repeat, I KNOW this “Listing is not ranked,” but you still should have had the common sense to put Diablo 3 in the 1 spot. I guess, though, listing it first is sort of the same thing. Not as suspenseful, though.

    Overall, not a bad list, if you strip out all the FPS’ers. That genre died years ago. Grow up.

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  • You do realize that nobody involved in the previous Modern Warfare games still works at Infinity Ward…right?

    And if you know anything about E3 at all (especially the last 2 years) you know that the biggest jaw droppers will be whatever trailers Blur studios makes…and one of them is likely to be for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

  • All of these games = do not want, except maybe Fiv5. I remember when there used to be so many good games coming out that you actually had to pick and choose which ones to buy. Now you’re lucky to get two or three interesting games per year.

  • modern warfare 3 its the number 1? why? its the best game all time? no? creating a genre? noo! uncharted 2, gears of war 3, mass effect 3 and rage all its the numbers ones!

  • This list is retarded, and suffers from a heavy anti-nintendo bias. Skyward Sword all the way, man.


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