10 Games This October That Will Be Heavy On Your Wallet

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The crazy months of 2011 are coming up, with hundreds of awesome games coming out in each of them, and October looks no different. But with so many games coming out in the same month, it’ll be hard to decide which ones to buy. Now, obviously you cannot buy ten of them, but here are ten games coming out next game that will be worth buying nonetheless.

So enjoy the list, and tell us what you think and which games you’ll be buying in October in your comments below.

Silent Hill: Downpour

After such a long wait, Silent Hill is finally back, and with Downpour, it looks like it’s back in all its glory. The game looks very good from all that we’ve seen so far, and it looks like finally a game will be doing complete justice to the survival horror genre. We just hope Downpour isn’t another disappointing game, and actually turns out to be one of the best survival horror games ever, up there with the likes of Silent Hill 2.

Football Manager 2012

The Football Manager series has been getting better with each new installment, with 10 and 11 being some of the best football games out there. Football Manager 2012 promises to be even better, offering better presentation features, more animations, and a deeper, more enjoyable and overall better experience than what we had in previous games of the series. Let’s hope that in the face of strong competitors like FIFA 12 and PES 2012, Football Manager manages to sell well again.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

 Ace Combat: Assault Horizon looks great, with its impressive visuals and typical Ace Combat thrilling action. Ace Combat games have always been fun, and Assault Horizon looks even more so, with its new plan designs, new weapons and better level structure. From what we’ve seen so far, it looks great, and definitely worth spending your money on.

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  • I’ll just be getting Battlefield 3, Rage, Batman Arkham City and eventually Spider-Man Edge of Time and Silent Hill Downpour

    • Actually not sure why Silent Hill is on the list since it was delayed till mar 2012

  • Ehhh… my wallet isn’t screaming too much. Batman for sure and I’m waiting to see how Rage does… but that’s it. Ace Combat is kewl (demo was great) and Spiderman needs a play, but I’ll leave em to later.

  • Why is Dark Souls not on this list?

  • Dark Souls should have taken Silent Hill’s spot since, as bigevil said, it’s delayed until march 2012.

  • what the guy aboive says<< why the hell is dark souls not in this list. i think you should make a 10 games on your wallet before christmas list. then that would be something.
    7.dark souls
    8.halo aniversery
    9.COD… thats probably just a rent though 😛
    10.and since i cant think of 10 il look to forward to Mass effect and bioshock haha


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