10 Most Overpowered And Destructive Weapons of All Time

Weapons that pack a punch.

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One of the great buzzwords of gaming journalism, alongside such classic words as “immersion,” “pacing” and “realism,” is “balance;” a fabled state where all elements of the game offer challenge without frustration, where all players have an equal chance. It’s more a myth than a reality of course, but unbalanced game elements don’t always have to be a drag. One of the crucial elements that decides this are the weapons. Weaker weapons can make the game weak but weapons that pack a punch can really create exciting moments for the end user.

Some of the best and most memorable games out there have had overpowered weapons and abilities, often key parts of what made them so endearing. Here are ten of our favourite crazy powerful weapons.

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Very few three letter acronyms can bring up such rage in gaming like AWP. The bane of many a Counter Strike player, the AWP is easily one of the most outrageous guns in a competitive shooter. Able to fell any opponent in a single shot at any point in the body aside from the legs, the AWP is unmatched in raw firepower. Sure, it might be bolt action, but the average proper CS player isn't likely to be missing with this bad boy any time soon.

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  • James

    What about the hidden scarab gun on Halo 2. That thing can obliterate absolutely anything with 1 bullet. You can fire it from way up in the air as well.

  • Daniel

    What about the Wunderwaffe DG-2 in call of duty: WAW, killing zombies in large hordes with one bullet, the thing gets even more over powered when upgraded wiping out every single zombie in the map with one shot.

    • oj green

      you can get electroucuted your self..

  • caca

    you forgot “the reedemer” from Unreal Tornament..

  • DizzyG

    The Martin Fury shirt in World of Warcraft (before it was removed) – kills all enemies in a 30 yd radius. Raid bosses included.

  • scarab gun so should have been on this list i mean really the thing was practically a rapid fire plasma rocket launcher that never had to be reloaded and never overheated

  • czablotski

    You forgot the “Black Widow” Volt Auto Rifle. Cudos to who knows what its from.

  • Me

    Also no halo 1 pistol

  • slm1982

    gravity gun was not over powered AT ALL… plus the sniper rifle from Counter Strike… seriously?!? what about the golden gun from golden eye, or the nuke guns from Turok.

  • Silver

    Um well. What abou the Finger in Armored Core. In AC1 it is overpowered like badly
    The Reedemer from Unreal.
    ANd others….. Look up ALL video games .. (plus scarab gun halo 2, And NO HALO 1 PISTOL i mean that gun was extremely overpowered i cannot explain)


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