10 Open World/Sandbox Games to Look Forward to in 2013

The open world and sandbox genres used to be hallowed beasts, those technical marvels that were so infrequent on consoles of generations past. Nowadays though, open world/sandbox games are a regular staple of our gaming lives, with series like GTA, Assassin’s Creed and Minecraft forever popularising these non-linear styles of gameplay. The open world genre, despite reaching new heights of excellence each year, has yet to reach its true pinnacle. With that in mind, here are ten open world games you should be looking forward to next year that may well hit the zennith of the genre.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/metroidjunkie Tod MetroidJunkie

    Joke’s on you, gamingbolt, because Bioshock Infinite seems more linear than the previous two games.

  • Ripper1990

    Um… Wow… Really? No The Witcher 3? So tired of idiots making ‘best of’ lists, they need to rename them to ‘most popular,’ or ‘most politically correct,’ Most gamers nowadays prefer senseless, mindless gunplay to a truely gripping story, which is why failures like Skyrim get to shine while true masterpieces get pushed back on the shelf. It’s really sad. I am so tired of bland games, basically every game today follows the same trend; bad guy kills a lot of people, hero survives near-death experience, hero kills bad-guy, hero dies (Because ya know, making an ending where the hero lives would require actual thought and devs don’t want to do that anymore)

    • JZSquared

      The hero doesn’t die in Skyrim. I guess the Dragonborn survives a near-death experience? That is, if you nearly die while fighting. :P And I tried playing The Witcher games, and hated the game play mechanics. In my opinion it was way too convoluted. But I agree, we need more games with great stories, and I’m not saying that Skyrim is one of them.

    • MattyS

      The Witcher games aren’t sandbox or open world as such (but they are great games, and I’m really looking forward to TW3).

  • Victor

    How is this a list of games too watch for in 2013 when the majority won’t be out for a year or more?

    • LennyButch

      and then u realize that this article is from 2012 o_O

  • Amilia Perez

    What game is the thumbnail for?


  • sebi

    wird so geil *______*

  • MongooseBananaHat

    I donna think the writer of this article really understands the meaning of “sandbox game” especially when they missed so many obvious games that far better match the term “sandbox.”

  • Ryan Bradley

    Remember Me isn’t Open World nor a Sandbox, Its very Linear

  • mc david

    Half the games on this list do not even come close to being classified as sandboxes.
    To you the author, learn what a sandbox game is before making an article about it.

    Carmageddon as a sandbox game, heh ? I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  • Luther Glass

    lmfao!!!1 gta 5 is number 3 thats funny as shit

  • Daniel Bailey

    WHAT ABOUT AC4!!!!!!

  • ZacharyLaban

    no assassins creed 4 ? are u freaking kidding me ?

  • Veltoss

    Open world does not equal sandbox.

  • rodilas

    wow not one sandbox game in the list

  • David Gardner

    This list is wrong lol

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