10 Over-Hyped Video Games that Disappeared Too Quickly

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Hype is the silent killer of the game’s industry, sending many promising titles to an early and undeserved grave, all because they weren’t quite as exciting as people thought they’d be. It’s this expectation that often follows around undeserving titles that makes them seem so disappointing, but some of these over-hyped titles deserved a bit more of a chance. Follow us as we journey through ten over-hyped games that disappeared too quickly.


An FPS co-developed by Epic Games is always something worth sweating over, but Bulletstorm managed to catch a certain amount of hype even eclipsing the usual anticipation that dogs such a development team. When push came to shove though, despite a positive critical reception, the hype wasn’t reflected in the game’s sales. Considering the controversy of violence and innuendo Fox News aimed at the game, it was surprising that Epic weren’t able to turn a profit from such a unique and well executed title. Though two DLC packs have been released for the game since its launch, it has largely and undeservedly fallen out of the average gamers’ attention.


One of the first and only examples of Xbox 360 and PC cross platform online play, Shadowrun was a unique shooter that didn’t ever get what it deserved. Though it had a severe lack of content for the price point, Shadowrun offered a deep class-based multiplayer shooting experience set in an intriguing universe. It at least deserved to carry on with a supported community, but the game has since seen its PC servers shut down and its forums closed for good. A true shame to see such a game fall into disrepute.

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Following the 2008 reboot of the Prince of Persia franchise, some fans felt sad to see the classic gameplay of the Sands of Time trilogy left behind. To remedy this, Ubisoft released The Forgotten Sands, a mini chapter taking place between The Sand of Time and Warrior Within that had the classic series gameplay; time mechanics and all. Fans were getting pumped to return to one of the greatest action franchises of all time, but were disappointed by the game when it eventually released. Sure, the combat was stale and the story flat, but there was also a lot of good in the Forgotten Sands. The game’s title seems like a bitter-sweet irony now, as this game has been all but forgotten.

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  • About B&W… despite the hype I agree that it was a very good game!

    It had its share of problems, though.

    First, the campain was incredibly short (sure, multiplayer was fun… but still).

    Second, it was a micromanagement hell. Those freaking villagers couldn’t do anything on their own. How can I focus on expanding my influence when they are constantly asking for more food, more wood, more houses, more children… They can’t even breed on their own!

    Third, I didn’t feel very powerful for a god. I needed people praying in order to do the most simple things, while my pet could do it without a sweat… And you were extremely dependent on it. It became clear on stage 3, when you’re without your pet. It’s ridiculously harder.

    It was still cool because of pets. And I’m still waiting for B&W3.

  • Disagree with Shadowrun, it did disappear somewhat, i can’t say i remember the hype. But it was a pretty fun game for multiplayer, and people still play it now. Shame that Fasa shut down because DLC would have been very welcomed, like more maps, classes, weapons etc..

  • DJ Hero was what forced the tipping point of that genre… a crap game that had extremely limited appeal and poor execution. The hype generated around it was regarding this.

  • I agree with the list, as for Bullet Storm.
    Epic and People Can Fly were the ones promoting the game instead of generate hype.
    I like their method, it was pretty good and effective.

    But why didn’t it sell well?
    well why would majority of us gamers want to keep killing a dead guy? seriously :/
    i’ll rather do that in hack n slash like DMC or NG.
    But for FPS? you’ve got to be kidding me.
    Also wtf is with new FPSs have all these ANNOYING point system for killing?
    so stupid. Don’t tell me they all got inspired by MW 2:/


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