10 Protagonists That Don’t Speak A Lot

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The silent (or at least very quiet) protagonist is a very special staple of gaming that seems to have been around since the dark ages. Initially the need for developers to conserve precious space on a cartridge/floppy disk/whatever, the silent protagonist has become more of a conscious design choice in recent years, one that allows for more subtle forms of expression to be explored that don’t rely upon reams of heavy dialogue. Below are ten protagonists who are capable of such subtle expression, without the need for many words.

The Hero – Dragon Quest series

One of many heroes prefers to talk with his blade

What is most impressive about the Hero’s lack of speech in Enix’s seminal RPG franchise, is the sheer commitment involved. The Dragon Quest series has been going steady for nearly sixteen years now, and in that entire time the main protagonist of each game has failed to utter a single word. That is an intense silent treatment right there. What’s more impressive is how the supporting characters are able to completely carry the narrative in spite of the Hero’s vow of silence.

Cloud – Final Fantasy 7

A cynical demeanour, spiky hair, an oversized blade! This guy has everything!

RPGs are renowned for their quiet heroes and, though Cloud isn’t entirely silent, he set the precedent for the brooding and cynical RPG protagonist. The moody hero has been copied many times since Cloud first appeared in our lives in 1997, and his strong silent demeanour is one of the many staples of FF7 that has since gone on to influence the genre so profoundly.

Red/Blue – Pokemon Red/Blue

For a game that was prominently about fantastical creatures, it wouldn’t make sense to have a blabbermouth protagonist who attempted to steal the show. Pokemon thus made the sensible decision of including a silent protagonist, ripe for the game’s millions of players to project themselves onto.

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  • Pancho Villa

    *Crono* ….had to do it

  • charles2029

    Gordon Freeman is definitely the ultimate silent protagonist!

  • Sarah

    What about Chell? :C

  • busterwolf1227

    no love for Adol Christin?

  • Bacon

    Uhhh some of them talk a lot (weather its just text or or some audio) bit of a fail in some cases imo

  • Zaf

    I dunno if I’d call PKMN trainers truly silent. “Go, Charmander!” “Squirtle, I choose you!” “Bulbasaur, come back!” All those lines in fights when you change Pokemon had to be said by someone, and I doubt it was the opponent.

  • jeroen

    what about the protagontist of saints row 1? he didnt say much, if i remember right there was just 1 line.

  • Jeff

    I was so dissapointed to not seeing Vlad and Pavel from the Golden Sun series. Well technically it’s not true because in the last game Vlad talks but still… he doesn’t say a word when he was the main protagonist.

  • Jeff

    Ho, and i forgot to say…. thanks for sharing, It was fun to read though?

  • Still in Golden Sun, we have Isaac in the 1º game and Felix in the 2º one…

  • Shaun

    how bout claude speed from gta 3 he dosent speak right?

  • cdude

    where’s quote?

  • Mustache

    master chief

  • Ra’Jay Adams

    You guys forgot Crash Bandicoot.

  • Oscar Alberto Abrego Suarez

    Cloud is not a silent protagonist, it lacks the SMT series as well.


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