10 Worst Ways To Die In A Video Game

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Most game scenarios inherently revolve around physical conflict and, because of this, they wind up containing a morbid amount of death. It’s absolutely everywhere in gaming, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that it is a straight binary. There are definitely degrees of death. Here are ten of the worst ways to go in a game.

I've been lead to believe over the years that most deaths through violence are quick. In FPS titles, you think this would be doubly so, with a swift headshot often being the end of you in the ever competitive online arena. Halo subverted this by introducing the sticky plasma grenade. Players are always aware when they get hit by one of these, and once it's on there's no going back. You just have to wait the few seconds out before you meet your demise. The torture is in knowing that death is imminent.

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  • Adam

    I’m surprised nothing from Dead Space made it on the list. Having my head torn off and a parasitic alien squid jamming it’s tentacles down my spine to take control of my corpse is pretty bad 😛

  • hampton

    most are funny not all but my favorite was the tea bag there all dancing and tea baging then when the third guy comes in and fails at it they blow his head off and start tea baging him

  • alwin

    What about just falling in a building or just anywhere when the road is so narrow. Hate that so much. Lost a life by just like that. :'(
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  • fox

    one thing i must add is not a true death but getting caught in a spot impossible to escape from, like a trap wall closing backwards onto you pinning you against the wall with no way to reactivate the trap, or (partly the glitch one) a door to a dead end room opening and closing when it wasnt supposed to trapping you inside with no key… and the most humiliating one that happened to me was i was playing skyrim, jumped onto a dresser and fell behind it with no way to jump high enough to get out


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