100 Greatest Secrets in Video Games

The 100 greatest secrets in gaming of all time.

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100. Batman: Arkham City – The Body in the Boat

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Check out the harbour just off the bridge before reaching Joker’s factory. You’ll find a single solitary boat, which can be unlocked using the cryptographer (no visual prompt, but it’s there). Inside, you’ll find a body and various other…things.

There is a certain something that drives gamers more than completing games. It’s also about finding the nitty gritty secrets that lie in them – the secrets that developers didn’t expect us to notice right away, but kept there just in case we wanted to appreciate their game in a whole new light. Then there are glitches which change the way we look at the game. Some games offer completely new quests, while others are hilarious nods and triumphant memorabilia. Here’s our pick for the top 100 greatest secrets in gaming.

Please note that this isn’t a straight-up guide for locating these secrets, but simply acknowledging their existence and significance.

Do you agree with our list? Do you have anything else to add? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    sir the borealis is actully a ship from apeture science

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    56 heart of gold hitch hikers guide to the galaxy reference

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    #40 Link in Super Mario RPG. Okay, and you can find Samus too 😉

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    Solid snake pukes if you spin him too much in the menu screen of metal gear 3: snake eater.

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    Nice! Love in the Saint’s Row missing ships one how the Heart of Gold from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is listed! :)

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    The original number on the bathroom stall in Duke 3D was a 416 area code number, local to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. If you called it, it would ring, but sadly nobody would answer.

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