15 Boss Fights So Easy It’s Embarrassing

Not all boss fights are a challenge. Some are so easy it’s embarrassing.

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Bosses are incredibly important in gaming. They challenge the player and allow them to test out the skills they have mastered. At least that’s what a good boss does. Other foes are so easy that you’ll wonder if it was a joke fight. Here are 15 of the easiest boss fights in gaming.

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Final Boss – Fable 2

Lucien’s name constantly pops up throughout Fable 2. He is clearly the threat that awaits you at the end of the game. But instead of squaring off against the greatest evil in the world, you drain him of his powers and decide if you’ll listen to his rambling speech. Either way, he’ll die but not by your hand.

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  • Timothy Veckranges

    Wow you completely forgot the queen from Aliens Colonial Marines. Even after you download the patches for it, the queen is still ridiculously easy.

  • Joshua Lefelhocz

    Some people are complaining that Alduin in Skyrim is way too easy. Just knock him down with Dragonrend, and then hack away with your OP weapon-of-choice.

  • RxPhantom

    No mention of Fontaine in the original Bioshock?!


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